Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Ah crap.

We lived in this house for two glorious years with a dry basement. (Our last house took on water like the freaking titantic.)
Too bad this is what my basement looks like right now.

And I am having to relive those nightmarish days of going to the basement every hour, sopping up water, moving crap out of the way of water, blah blah.

I had just cleaned that damn basement up too! Growl.

Now we have to try and find a way to stem the flow of the amazon down there and soon. The rainy season is coming.
Yesterday I made this soup for dinner. Jack protested heavily and I refused to tell him what it was. I simply answered "eye of newt, some witches hair, frog legs" etc when he pestered me about what was in it. Because he wanted to go to some thing at school last night he gave in and tried it.

And then decided that he LOVED it and wanted to eat it every day and never wanted to have to eat another cucumber slice again. (The only veggies he eats are corn, carrots and occassionally a cucumber slice. OY!)
We took the kids to the beach on labor day and Jack spent many an hour playing with this TINY TINY frog. And the big ones? EW! Slimy, he declared.
Cheeks and I resumed the dress project yesterday.

This is one is beautiful.

But now it's cold and raining and the dress project is on hold yet again.

And with that I have to go back to the shitting basement and check the water. Again.

Hopefully you aren't having an ah crap Wednesday where ever you may be.


  1. sorry to hear about your basement! At least you have a decent basement to use! Our basement is scary and totally unusable!! I am not having an ah crap day - I was able to get my halloween tree ornaments made - I shall ship them soon!! I can't wait to see what I receive in my package!!

  2. Sorry to hear of your trials...but you brought me a smile! You write with reality laced in your words-LOL
    Hope the water problem leaves and you can resume the dress project. Love those cheeks!

  3. Ugg. We had water in our storage unit last winter. What a pain! I sure hope the water hasn't gotten near the kid's beautiful play house! Hang in there!

  4. Break out the bottles again. Boy how much can you take in a month? We used to have little frogs like that growing up in Texas. The rain would bring them out. We would spend hours catching them. Good times...hows your Dad doing? Smiles...Renee

  5. Please tell me the play house is safe!??! You're making me want to go invest in lots and lots of plastic tubs. Hang in there!

  6. Basements. Can't live with 'em and can't live without 'em. We've had a teeny tiny leak for a looong time -- we try stuff and it doesn't work. Trying two new things this month -- it's getting ridiculous and expensive. I hope you find your problem soon.

    And SweetCheeks is adorable, as always!

  7. I just had to leave a comment. Your baby girl is a living doll. I had to show my kids because I just had to share her cuteness. The dresses you put her in are darling.

    That stinks about the basement. Our gets leaks some winters, but fortunately nothing too major. Hope yours is nothing serious.

  8. Have you gotten alot of rain lately? Our basement has water in it when the ground is absolutely saturated, and only then. We know where the water comes from and the path it travels (straight to the drain!) and so when we know there's a chance of water down there, we are prepared.
    Still stinks though.


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