Monday, September 26, 2011

Fabric and tablecloths

GAK! I still have a panic inducing amount of crap to get done today, so here's a VERY QUICKLY composed and photographed blog post of some of this weekend's yard sale finds. LOL
Not my favorite style of tablecloth, but it still has the original label on it.
My FAV of the lot, but a smallish piece.
A pink that did not want to photograph as pink.
What I thought might have been a feedsack, but is instead about 2 yards of a good vintage fabric.

And something totally different - a vintage amtrak tablecloth. Cool.

P.S. Halloween swappers should have gotten an email this morning regarding your impending deadline.

Jack's little pen pal WILL be getting her package soon, it is on my to do list to get it mailed TODAY!

Pam, I need your address! I still have a little fabric treat for you too.

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  1. I love that tablecloth. Bright, cheery - perfect! I haven't found a tablecloth in awhile - this is the biggest weekend of the year for yard sales in my area - so fingers crossed!


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