Monday, September 12, 2011

Handmade Halloween Costumes, a rerun

I know that Halloween is on everyone's mind, and since pinterest is exploding with Halloween stuff, I thought I would dig up the costumes I have made for Jack. (The owl was really hard to find on the old blog here, yikes).

Jack has worn 3 store costumes and I've made 3. I am making one for him this year, though he has yet to help me decide what we are making.

I was planning on making one for Sammi, but once I priced out the fabric (had to be ordered on line) I decided I was better off buying a store bought one I had already fallen in love with.
Last year was the bat.
Those wings were crazy hard.
There was the candy corn the year we were remodeling.
Really easy and the neighbors LOVED it.
And when he was so small, the owl.
Time consuming, but not so hard.

And definitely my favorite.

Maybe I can talk him into being a gnome this year?

Jack is back on the "big yellow angel" (that made me laugh Becky!) and I have a ton of stuff to catch up on. Like Nate Berkus. Which I think I am missing and isn't set to record.

Back soon with flea market stuff.


  1. I begged Claire to be Juliet from gnomeo. It didn't work...She has settled on Red Riding Hood. I am hanging on to the fact that this might be my last year of costumes...Love them all but the owl takes it...Felt is perfect for costumes. Somehow I never thought to use it...I always take the harder route...smiles...Renee

  2. The big yellow angel, it takes them away.
    Just wait until the first day in January after Christmas break. Some years I've been known to present our bus driver with cupcakes I'm so happy to see him.


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