Tuesday, September 13, 2011

It was linen day

Every day should start with a sweet picture of cheeks.

When we went junking this past weekend it was linen weekend. I could have bought piles and piles and piles of linens, but I foolishly didn't bring enough cash!
These mittens kill me. And yes, I plan on putting them on cheeks at least once. I don't think they were ever used since they are still sewn together. They are soft. So soft. And that ribbon? Wonderful.
This was probably made for a real baby since it is lined with plastic, but it will be going on a doll around here. Again with the cute. Killing me.
I don't have a huge collection of cross stitch quilts because patchwork is what makes my heart go all aflutter, but when I dug this out of a bin, oh my! MUST OWN. (You can click to enlarge it.) It says good night, sweet dreams.
It's been very loved.

But those are the sweetest bears ever. Promise.


  1. You always find the "best" linens. Darling graphics. Perfect for sweet cheeks!

  2. Those cheeks...sigh. Love them.

    I have a pattern for those mittens! Very cute!

  3. Good finds...your photos of sweet cheeks just melt my mommy heart...she is a cutie!

  4. cute stuff...but seriously...can sweet cheeks get any cuter??!!?? my 2 guys are all grown and I missed many photo ops of my sweet Allie...so your blog is the sweetest baby fix of all! Happy Wednesday! *e*


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