Wednesday, September 07, 2011


A drive by post because Jack is desperately sick (negative strep test, but he cannot swallow and has not moved in two days) and Sammi is actually a crab apple herself too (I suspect she is equally sick).
But look! (Never mind blurry, she is moving.) She is up off her belly and rocking.

SO.CLOSE! to crawling.

How can it be?

And also, awesome!


  1. She'll be on the move soon and life will never never be the same!!

  2. Yuck. Poor you. Hope everyone feels better soon and you avoid getting it!

  3. AWWW... it happens way too fast:(

  4. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the Momma stays healthy!! Watch out and start child-proofing everything!!

  5. Crawling (mobility in general) changes everything, doesn't it? Sorry Jack is so sick - I always loved that part when they went back to school and got introduced to a whole new set of germs :(

  6. Oh sorry they are sick.:(
    But look at that little one go! Those arms! My kids had rolls like that when they were babies,so cute!!

  7. No! Sammi stop I wish they would stay small for more than a few months. Poor Jack what a welcome back to school that is. Now Miss Sammi I must tell you Mommy keeps all the pretty stuff on the top shelf...enjoy...Renee


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