Thursday, September 08, 2011

Yard Sales, the end.

Jack was feeling slightly better this morning, so we made this abacus. It's from the Mathemagic book it is sitting on top of. We bought the entire set of childcraft encyclopedias (plus the dictionary and the parents guide) for him on the highway sale at the recommendation of someone on facebook. Dave and I both enjoyed that set as kids, and Jack seems to be enjoying it too. You can see he has bookmarked nearly every page in this math volume.
I could not resist this handmade set of doll bunk beds. It had a note on it saying it was made by a seven year old for his little sister 50 years ago. Who knows if that is true or not, but it is sweet.
There is chicken wire to hold up the mattresses...
which are made from old ticking.
At the same sale I picked up this old doll quilt. (The lady selling it sort of wrinkled up her nose and asked just what on earth that was. Oh boy.) I washed it a little too vigorously I am afraid and now it needs a few repairs. Ooops. The heat had gone to my head I tell you.

The only *really* good fabric was this one piece. And Dave found it. They had a TON of fabric and I swear I spent a good 20 minutes digging and digging and digging in bins of the worlds smelliest fabric. I had pulled a few 1980's vintage (but fun) things and Dave wandered over holding this one.

He said "it felt different than the others". Finally! He is starting to get the feel for a good piece of vintage yard goods when it is mixed in with newer stuff.

Yipppee for Dave!

I have been up with the children since about 3 am when Jack started crying out that his ear was killing him. The ped yesterday said the ears looked fine, but who knows what is going on with the both of them. Sammi was up at the same time and I swear she has hardly taken a nap at all today despite the fact that *I* now have a splitting headache and would just like to lie down for a minute.

I also find it interesting that despite school only being two weeks in, I was apparently a lot more accustomed to Jack being at school all day than I thought. I find myself missing my morning stroll with Sammi around the neighborhood and I am getting NOTHING done again.

Oh well.

Laissez les bon temps rouler.


  1. Love the doll beds! Very cute!

    So sorry to hear the kids are sick! Hope they both feel lots better soon!

  2. I knew you'd get used to the big yellow angel.
    Hope they all feel better soon.

  3. Adorable beds. What is it about chicken wire that makes everything better?

  4. Oh boy that sweet fabric is amazing...I am just finishing the ornaments and should be mailing them out on Monday. Putting a few pink hankies in for you. I have plenty. Don't bother sending $ for them. It gives me an excuse to add more to "the" collection...smiles..feel better soon to all...Renee


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