Monday, September 05, 2011

Yard Sales

Dave and I went to the annual highway yard sale on Friday.

It was 106 degrees. I am pretty sure I nearly had heat stroke. I couldn't get enough water no matter how much I drank, I was soaked in sweat and had a headache. Oh the headache.

But it was nice to have some quiet time away from the children.

Apparently they have started advertising this sale on the radio here in town. It's a few hours drive away from us. I find it kind of funny that they advertise it here because that makes a lot of people think it is some sort of gold mine down there.

It isn't. It never has been.

I do pick up things, don't get me wrong, but it is certainly not an antiquers paradise. We buy a lot of stuff for the kids (which I don't really bother taking pictures of.)

And never mind that it takes 6 hours of hard core garage saling to get the things we do buy. LOL

So what else did I buy this year?
A pair of pink glass bowls. They don't look very pink here, it was dark outside. I am pretty sure these are fairly new because they are thick and not the least bit delicate.
A tiny pair of baby shoes for the kids to put on dolls.
An ironstone platter.
Most of a roll of dotty wallpaper. (I came home and found a similar roll in one of my most recent magazines. Nice!)

And a bunch of these old picnic trays, which are in the playhouse for the kids to use.

I'll be back with the rest tomorrow.

I am off to enjoy the weather today, which is barely 70 degrees. Just 3 short days after I felt like I was dying on the face of the sun.

Gotta love the weather in the 'lou.


  1. Same weather here. We have had the windows open for the last few days after the sun exploded. Glad you got a chance away for the kids and the duties. You really needed a break. Smiles...Renee

  2. Love those trays and the polka-dot paper. It was hot here (but not 106!), and now it's so cold and rainy I wondered about lighting a fire just for the atmosphere...kinda like it, though!

  3. I love the ironstone! Though I didn't get to yardsale on Saturday, I did make it to a neat flea market that afternoon that I'd never been to before--I'll be going back! I've enjoyed the weather--been able to go swimming all weekend!


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