Monday, October 10, 2011

9 Months!

Samantha Dear,
Today you are 9 months old!
3/4 of the way through your first year already.
You are the happiest baby I have ever met.
Your smile never fails to cheer up everyone around us.

And we happen to think you super cute too.

You also:
*are on the move. Crawling everywhere, trying to stand up, going after things you want, and learning to come to mama.
*babbling like crazy. I swear I hear bye bye and hi in there.
*LOVE crunching up fall leaves in the yard and playing in the grass. And you are finally learning not to eat them!
*putting every thing on earth in your mouth still.
*learning to love food, all kinds of foods.
*quite efficient at pincer grasping.
*love going for rides in the stroller in the mornings, but still spending plenty of time riding in the moby wrap.
*in love with the kitties, you cannot understand why they won't let you pull out all their fur.
*very, very, very wiggly. Getting you dressed should qualify as an Olympic sport.
*still not in love with bottles. I will be so GLAD to be done with them soon.
*sleeping through the night ONLY if we go wake you up at 10 30 and give you an extra bottle then. Like magic it makes you sleep until 6 30 am.
*starting to recognize your name
*learning how to wave
*the funniest watermelon I have ever seen!

Love you baby,


  1. Sweet sweet sweet!
    Thanks for sharing the adorable pictures!

  2. A watermelon! I die!

  3. Seriously what a darling baby. I can't believe it's aready 9 months. Geez, Jack must be in high school right?

  4. She is gorgeous in everything! But that watermelon costume has me at hello! HOW CUTE!!

  5. Such a sweet watermellon. Adorable pics, Sarah. Happy 9 months!!

  6. Perfection...Cheeks you make me smile. Many sweet days ahead...thanks for sharing...smiles...Renee


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