Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Choose an ancestor

I knew you guys would understand.

But I am still surprised at just how short tempered this up half the night business is making me. Jack and I started this day out crappy too because he was moaning about my turning the light on (except he wouldn't just say the light was the problem he was saying something about taking light bulbs?) and refusing to get up for school and I was irritated that he wouldn't get up when I was already putting away laundry at 7 am. I actually said, "I do NOT have time for your weirdness this morning." Which is both OY and LOL.

Jack was (and is, truth be told) a very "high needs" kid. But boy! did he sleep at night and nap during the day.

Sammi is the opposite. The easiest, happiest baby ever. She plays, she laughs, and nothing bothers her. But boy! crappy sleeper.

Hopefully this is a soon to pass bump in the road. I do not enjoy 3 am and 4 am and 5 am. Particularly if I have already seen midnight too.

We took ourselves to a yard sale that promised quilts and buttons and so forth this morning. Those things were nothing to write home about, but I picked up a stack of wonderful old photos.

Instant ancestors.

This one says MLH Kirkwood (that's a town close by) 1-14-89.
I love these little girls and their chickens!
And this little person on the tree is too sweet.
This one says "EARL 2 years 7 1/2 months and Marion 8 months" on the back. Now, I know that boys used to wear dresses* (and pink! did you all know that pink was really a color for little boys?). But whoa. I would have never guessed those pin curls were on a boy?

The dress here KILLS me. It must have taken forever to make.

I was hoping for another paper moon photo in the pile, but no such luck, and I looked at every one of them!

*My grandpa used to tell me about getting his first pair of "pants", aka pants that were not "short pants" or knickers. I *think* it was for high school graduation!

I find myself missing him a lot lately. I know that what he would say to me right now is (in his gruff old voice) "Ahhhhhhhh Sarah! You can't let that stuff bother you."

Also, I mentioned this on facebook once, but I swear to you I hear him plodding up and down the hall when I am here alone. He and my grandma used to fight like crazy over him going up and down the hallway all night long because he was a total night owl and she was not. Our house (their house) is a giant rambling ranch and man! is the kitchen far away from what was his bedroom (now our bedroom). He was 100% dedicated to staying here until he died, which I am still happy he was able to do, but I see now that it must have been hard to live here and be 86 years old and frail. The house is big and quiet and lonely and not easy for an elderly person to navigate.

Anyway. It's interesting how a house is both a living breathing thing and yet an empty shell at the same time.


  1. awesome pics! Could it be that the name Earl - is short of Earline? or something like it? Because I would have never guessed that that was a boy either! Glad you are feeling a wee bit better! Days like those are rough! So what's the status on the ornament swap? Happy hump day!! It can only get better from here right?

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  3. Hmmmm, a night owl! Sammi takes after her great-grandfather! Hugs, Sarah!
    P.S. Still workng on projiks with the material I got from you. One day, pics, I promise!!


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