Sunday, October 09, 2011

Flea Market Sunday

Ah, flea market sunday. I was *almost* too lazy to go this morning, but it's nearly mid October and I know that 2 months from now I will be moaning about how much I miss the flea.

Only one of these things actually came from the flea market, the rest are from garage sales.
FINALLY! A cheap saddle for the cowboy party.

It's a lovely saddle and I was starting to think we would never find one for less than $50. Dave bargained this one down to $16. SCORE!
And Old Kriss Kricket toy. He is missing his front wheels, but I think we might be able to make some new ones so the kids can pull him around.
Glass garland. The first strand this year I think.
Cardboard houses. Definitely the first ones this year.
A few pretty buttons.
And a HUGE box full of bias tape, ribbons, rick rack, etc. (And then I bought another big box full at the flea this morning for a $1. The new stuff at Joann is carpy poly blend stuff and is almost $4 a package. I never pass up good vintage notions if they are cheap.)

Pretty, isn't it?

Okay, time to go get my cowboy on. That party is only two weekends away and nothing is done.


  1. What a fabulous saddle. I can't wait to see what you come up for cowboy decorations. 3 pixie just shared a vintage cowgirl invitation on her blog that was adorable for a girl party.

  2. Well, I am just going to pretend to have gone with you as I was stuck in the house with a roof full of loud lazy roofers. Now I have a car with two tires that need to plugged right after I drop off the kids in the morning...yipee! Let's just pretend you found the saddle and I found the trim. Love it...smiles...Renee

  3. Ahhhkkkk! I can't believe that bias tape only cost $1! Soooo jealous!

  4. I covet your paper houses and mercury glass garland!!!


    Can't wait to see pics from Jack's party! Wish him "Happy Birthday" from me!!!

    ~Mikey @ Shabby French Cottage


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