Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Halloween Swap

It is so gray today. We had wicked storms last night and I have been up all night with Jack. He is coughing a lot (again) so I took away his beloved "vent", aka very old hepa filter that needs new expensive filters. He has always slept with that on as his white noise and he freaked out over my taking it away. I suspect that the dirty filters might be aggravating an allergy. But then again, he probably just has another cold from school. Either way, he cried and cried over needing that noise. So I tried a different fan, but it wasn't very loud. And then it stormed and stormed and woke the whole house up at 4 am.

And that was after I spent the whole day yesterday washing curtains and rugs and dust ruffles. I am not nearly done with that job. Damn curtains. LOL

But! Halloween is creeping ever so close.

The time has come to start unveiling the ornaments from the swap or I will run out of time.
Mikey sent these wonderful cats with vintage chenille pumpkins on them. I am crazy over those pumpkins. He generously sent enough pumpkins for the second group to get a pumpkin too. Thank you Mikey!
Saucy sent these wonderful Edgar Allen Poe ornaments. That Saucy is always thinking outside of the box. I love them.
Kim always makes us something fabulously cute and this was no exception. That witch! Her little broom! Darling.
Michaele is a paper queen. I love her sparkly bats.
Shara sent these fantastic kitties. I wanted to hoard them all for myself. Being the swap hostess is hard I tell you.

Rebecca made us fantastic vixens. I had a hard time choosing which one to keep for myself.

Back with more wonderful ornaments tomorrow!


  1. Thank you for hosting another fabulous swap. Everything is just darling. I did the snoopy dance of joy when I saw the ornament exchange box after work this evening. Many thanks for being the hostess!

  2. I love everyone of the ornaments, so much talent! Tahnsk for letting me join and for all of your hard work :)


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