Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I have some tape

We took the kids to the flea market on Sunday. It was beautifully warm and although I wasn't buying a lot of stuff, it was nice to still be out there.
I picked up this ornament, and since it was 25 cents and I had NO small change, she just gave it to me.
Then I spotted this pair of Robeez for 20 cents (!!!) and I wandered off to find someone to make change for me.
I spotted this quilt in a pile of new made in china quilts and inquired about the price. He started high - too high. I just shrugged and said "too high, it's too rough."

And then he started coming down.

And down.

And down.

And the longer I waited the lower he went. (I really wasn't trying to do that, I was just thinking about the quilt and trying to gauge my love for it, it's condition, and my ability to unfold it while wearing Sammi.)
He finally hit my magic number and now it's mine.

It's faded to a lovely pink...

but I think at one time it might have been red.

While all of this is going on Jack and Sammi are shrieking at each other. She has learned to mimic him, so he makes a noise and she makes it back.

They think its funny.

And honestly, this is an outside flea market and it's harmless (and cute in an annoying kind of way).

This lady (wearing a flea market staff shirt, btw) walks up to me and says, bold as day, "I can give you some duct tape to fix that problem."

(Insert a speechless me here.)

Well then.

I think she should use that tape on herself to fix her own problems. (sweet smile).

Okay, screaming baby calls. Happy Tuesday to you.


  1. some people just don't think before they speak!!! how rude!!

  2. I'm always amazed at what comes out of people mouths. Yikes!! Gorgeous quilt and the ornament is too sweet.

  3. People are so foul. Grownups are obnoxious in public all the time (case in point). Why don't kids have license to be kids? I wish Jack were young enough to whip out his winky and pee all over the staff person's shoes. My 3 yr old son peed a perfect arc between me and a solicitor who had me cornered on the front lawn once. Priceless.

  4. Hold on........I had to pick up my jaw. Honey you are lucky I don't flea with you this woman would have found herself swiftly taped to a tree. I would have said great I could use some and then proceeded to ask her if she would like me to help her put it on........Honestly I think you should show up every weekend with duct tape bangles. Ha....Renee


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