Thursday, October 13, 2011

More Halloween swap

Time for more Halloween ornaments!
Lisa and I share a love of papercutting, but papercutting with felt? Awesome. (And hard? It seems like it would have been hard!)
Look how crafty Shanna got with paint! I can only paint solid colors on furniture. :-)
Rachel found a super cool use for the kind of fabric I always put in my give away pile. (Sammi is in love with his button eyes!) Perhaps I should rethink that plan...
Stephanie made super cute glittery bats. (Does anyone else remember "warm fuzzies" from grade school? He reminds me of a wonderful Halloween version of a warm fuzzy!)
Renee , well, Renee is super crafter extraordinaire. TEN of these houses? I bow to you.
Hope ! These birds were so fantastic. (Hope also writes fantastic children's books. Jack and I have been revisiting one her of her books recently and I am thinking that What do you do when a monster says boo would be fun for Halloween, but whoa nelly! @ the price tag!)

The ornaments are fun huh?

Last batch tomorrow!

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  1. Sarah these are darling. I had so much fun doing the swap. Thanks for hosting. These are all such talented people. Enjoy your Halloween decorating.



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