Thursday, October 06, 2011

On faith and fabric

A few weeks ago Jack asked me something about praying. I don't remember what it was for the life of me, but I know that he asked just a few days after I had discovered these secular prayers on pinterest.

The conversation prompted him to run around the house looking for all the places that I have little prayers hanging up, including one that hangs over his closet door.

I hadn't realized how much he had noticed those things in the house. We are not terribly religious, Dave probably has more faith than I do, but I do try and include faith in our lives.

It has been a sticky widget with Jack though. He HATES church (why? it's weird to me) and if you ask him about God he will generally tell you he is a non believer. (Which is interesting in itself. When things like death come up I tend to present both sides of the coin and leave him to think about it. He will choose biology over heaven every time.)

I have come to the conclusion that this has something to do with how he is hard wired. He certainly has my critical/scientific mind.

But back to those prayers. When I printed them off pinterest I decided we would start with a non secular prayer at meal times and bed time. I find that Jack is CONSTANTLY moaning about meals and helping around the house and this that and the other and I am starting think that a good healthy dose of faith might help.

I want him to be thankful we HAVE food to eat, not complain about it. I want him to count his blessings, not complain about the short comings.

I want him to be optimistic.


And I think the road to optimism might be found on the road to faith.

So we are saying our (secular) prayers and starting our days with the reminder to "have a happy smile and a happy heart."

It will be interesting to see if this has any effect on him at all. The biologist in me is still a skeptic. :-) (But right now I could use the same healthy dose of optimism, that's for sure!)
Speaking of optimism, I am still on the quest to find vintage fabric this year. It's all I can think about. Forget ornaments and quilts, it's fabric I want!

I managed to score about 3 yards of this gorgeous vintage grey print.
These are a few feedsack pieces I bought on Etsy as a little splurge.
Some pretty vintage scraps.
And newer fabric scraps, but in my beloved lavender.
I was drawn to the pattern on this piece.

When I got it home I discovered it was actually a feed (flour I think, because the fabric is very fine) sack! The stitching marks were still there.

A pleasant surprise for sure.

*Last night I had a GRAND MAGICAL PLAN on how to get Sam to sleep again. I was all set to implement said plan but Dave was at the scout meeting until 10 pm and Sam was up every 20 minutes between 7 and 10 crying her eyes out. I think teeth are on the way (finally!), so I didn't get to implement the GRAND MAGICAL PLAN, but never mind that, because she slept from 10 30 to 6 30.

I feel like a brand new woman.

Magic, I tell you.


  1. We are most definitely not religious folks here, but we have our own family tradition at mealtime of giving thanks. We hold hands and each one of us takes a turn saying what we are thankful for that day.

    It was the suggestion of my critically, scientifically minded husband. Our more religious relatives seem to like it and it forces us to be happy about at least one thing every day.

  2. The link won't work, but I'd be interested in seeing them. I am not religious in the Biblical sense, but I am spiritual.

  3. Congratulations on your lovely fabric and an amazing night of good rest! Amazing what sleep can do for the soul!!!

  4. My middle child is currently undergoing (and I do mean undergoing) his second of three years of Confirmation for Lutheran Church. This is religion I married in to. My very scientific son finds it pure torture. I continue to remind him it is a foundation for his future. Right? Lord help us all...Smiles...on the sleep and the fabric...Renee

  5. I'm laughing at Renee's comment because I spent every Saturday morning for THREE years learning the Lutheran catechism. The memory still haunts ... I am glad you found both fabric and sleep.


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