Saturday, October 22, 2011

Right now

Right now I would show you photos of the party, but -
I am a bit worried about Jack. When I took the kids to JC Penney for photos last week I noticed Jack's right eye looked weird in all the photos. Then today I noticed this photo from Thursday. See how that eye doesn't look right?

He is complaining a lot about light sensitivity too.
I am also dead exhausted. 16 wildebeests running ramping for 2.5 hours plus set up and break down AND caring for Sammi through it all has worn me out.
And then I went and ate WAY too much fast food WAY too fast for dinner. Blech.
To top it all off, I am frustrated with Jack. He went and had a rip roaring, rolling on the floor screaming tantrum right about here in the picture taking.

Before the party even started.

He was complaining like mad about being outside and now that I see the eye weirdness in some of these photos I wonder if something really is going on with that eye or if I should just give up now because my SEVEN YEAR OLD still has rolling on the floor tantrums.

I am struggling a lot with adjusting my expectations. As in, "I never expected to have a seven year old rolling on the floor and I cannot seem to stop it no matter what I do and it is starting to become very challenging for ME to remember that Jack has not magically changed over night". He is still a quirky challenging kid.

Oh yea, and parent teacher conferences? Blech. Struggling with that a bit too.

So then. Back soon. Pinky promise. With reasonable expectations.

I hope.


  1. Anonymous6:51 PM

    Don't give up. It gets better. Really. If I remember right, it was at about age 7 that both of my girls needed glasses. And I also remember one of them having at huge temper tantrum at her 6th birthday party. Hang in there.

  2. Oh dear...I think you took a page out of my novel. I am not sure if this helps but my very happy very bright very 15 year old still has tantrums only we call them rages now to make them sound more mature. It is as though he has to say something but can't find the words. After all these years I am learning to let him come to me and talk it through or calmly talk him down from the cliff so to speak. It was far too easy for me to want to have a tantrum with him for so many years. thanks for sharing and go with your gut on the eye. I would nominate you for mother of the year...Renee

  3. My daughter's eye looked odd in some photos taken last Christmas in dim light, and I mentioned it to her doctor a few weeks later at a pediatrician visit (we were there for a throat infection).

    She said that there were eye conditions that can be detected/first noticed through photographs, and while she didn't see anything, she wanted us to go in to the ophthalmologist.

    We went, and were told the same thing by the ophthalmologist after a thorough exam- that there were eye conditions that are often first detected in photos. She said that it's always best to get it checked out. Hers looked a lot like your son's.

    Luckily, our daughter didn't have anything needing any treatment. She bordered on a very slight lazy eye, but not nearly enough to treat. But that was what I had picked up on.

    By all means, get it looked at if it bothers you. Moms are often the first to notice little things before anyone else.

  4. Sending you lots of hugs, love and appreciation for the honesty.

    I did want to chime in and say that first and second graders have roll on the ground tantrums from time to time at our school. As do fourth graders on rare occasion. And come to think of it, teachers and principals while remaining upright, also tantrum. I don't think it's typical but well within the range of normal behavior.

    Also, birthday parties, while wonderful on one level, can be stressful for kids because of all their excitement and anticipation. Toss in some nervous energy that they really can't explain and it's a situation ripe for a tantrum.

    My dh has this kind of rush of anxiety right before we go to a party or host one. While he cognitively knows there is nothing to worry about, he gets really nervous and can be really out of sorts. Actually, he can be a real pain in the a$$. But, in spite of this annoying character trait, that I am sure my MIL thought he would grow out of, he managed to land a really terrific wife who loves to go to parties and helps him cope. ;)

  5. I was going to write a wonderful comment ... but those before me have hit the nail right on the head. But I CAN tell you that even teenagers have meltdowns and hissy fits! Just try not to have one yourself at the same time!
    Hang in there...

  6. I don't really see anything besides maybe a little puffy. You know him the best, so I would say have it checked out. That way you know to worry or not. because we all know Moms worry.


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