Sunday, November 27, 2011

A craft disaster

I had this great idea that Jack and I could turn pinecones into "porcelain" pinecones for my parents for Christmas by dipping them in plaster.

I am pretty sure I got this crazy idea when I saw some silk flowers dipped in plaster in a magazine.

They were lovely.

Pinecones dipped in plaster?

Lovely until they dry.
This one isn't so bad yet.
This one was the *very best* one in the bunch, but as you can see the plaster is pulling away from each "petal".
This is what it will look like in a few days.
We tried different kinds of pine cones - this one is delicate and papery - same result.
This one was the last one I dipped. For some reason by this point the plaster kept seizing, no matter how much water you added, and there was no way to make it thin.

The bonus of THAT disaster is that the plaster is so thick there is no way in hades it is going to chip off.

What I am left with is one hot mess, NOT a pile of Christmas pretties.

I am still trying to sort out a way to make this a viable plan, but it's entirely possible I should just give up!


  1. now i've never tried this but i've read where people make molds using playdough and then they pour the plaster into the playdough mold. not sure if it's work but it's a thought. the only issue i see if that they will only be of half the pinecone

  2. What about just dipping pinecones in a high gloss thick paint. Let dry, then dip again until you get the desired thickness for a porcelain effect.

  3. Great on earth you get it done I will never know...keep up the hard work? Smiles...Renee

  4. I think you can try a rubber dip (they sell them to dip tool handles in) and then you'd get a rubberized pinecone. It would still be shiny and white (they come in different colors) Good luck, it's a great idea~

  5. You know, I was thinking about this post as I started to unpack our Christmas tubs last night. I found a pine cone that Katrina had made last year at school. It was painted white and then silver glitter sprinkled on it and finally adhered on a plastic bottom. It still looks pretty good after a year of storage and looks really nice among the snowy angels. Have you thought about just painting them?

  6. I have been meaning to comment on this for a while. I LOVE that you are sharing your projects that don't turn out. I hate that people don't ususally share the things that don'w work, because it could save me from trying the same thing. Sadly though I have no suggestions.


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