Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Helper Elf

I am still on a mission to get as much of the Christmas stuff done in November as possible. So I decided yesterday was a good time to start putting up the tree. (It takes me more than a week to hand wire 500 vintage ornaments on it!)

But when I pulled out the tree I saw this. YUCK! The entire top half had turned khaki colored. (And I think this was my sort of pricey Martha Stewart tree I got when we got married.)

It is totally unsuitable now for my precious ornaments, so off to freecycle it went.

But first cheeks had to crawl in the bag and check things out. My little helper elf!

She is the most curious baby!

I spent today pushing 700 twinkling lights into submission.

And we are almost ready for lift off, a k a, ornament wiring time!

*I had to put the tree in the dining room this year, which is sort of a bummer. No movies by the Christmas tree and no twinkle can be seen from the street. But cheeks is way, way, way too curious for it to be in here.

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