Thursday, November 03, 2011

In my dream world

In my dream world we have a photographer we pay to take these photos.

In my real world I have to run around making props, run around gathering props, run around dressing children, and then run around mending props. Then I get to sit in the grass (sweating to death) wiping a runny nose every 2.2 seconds, making goofy noises to try and elicit a smile, throwing leaves in the air, moving the children every two seconds to readjust said props/quilts/etc and wishing for my dream world!

These were HARD.

And this is the best of the bunch. Of 78 photos, *four* are passable.
Jack doesn't look super happy, but I think this might be the best one.
I think this is funny.
Dave prefers this one.
If it were just Jack, this would have been my winner, hands down. And this took all of 1.5 seconds to take.

So, what say ye? A, B, C, D?

*Yes, Sammi IS holding an old tupperware toy tail in every photo. In fact, right now she is desperately clutching that tail. That tail goes everywhere we go. There is no letting go of the tail. I won't mention the fact that Jack thinks the tail is a horn and so he calls it "horny." Oh yes he does.

Also, her hair is at such an awkward stage. I feel like she has to have a bow to make it look decent, but Dave is not keen on the bows. If she were a boy I would be cutting it. It is making her 99th percentile, toddler sized head look even bigger. LOL


  1. I like the first. Or perhaps a sweet little collage. Very nice job though. Again your mother of the year award is in the mail...smiles...Renee

  2. I love #2 - it is funny! You could have a bubble coming out of Sammi's mouth saying something like "Yes Jack, there is a Santa Claus" or underneath something like "Even Kris Kringle's little sister wondered that the if the beard was really real.." hehe. Great job. A+ for effort!

  3. Either A or D. If you aren't totally happy with them, you could always try on another day, you still have time.
    I Love the beards! Here is another idea, maybe just have Jack wearing the beard, with a santa hat on, and have Sammi sitting on his lap with a long toy list in her hands like she is visiting santa at the mall :)

  4. I know exactly what you mean. It took three photo shoots and I still didn't get THE one pictures that I wanted (all up on the blog). Having two is much harder in that regard! My vote is for D, followed by B.

  5. What about a collage? Cause I like them all. Maybe all in bw then a bigger in color. Or not?

  6. I'm totally love the collage idea suggested by Renee. Adorable pics.

  7. I love the second one, I think it makes them look more like kids and less posed, but a collage would be awesome too!

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  9. I love them all! Which one does Jack like? Maybe that would make the next sitting easier. They are so darn cute!

    I like the collage idea too!

  10. A and B are my favorite, I love their expressions!

  11. I like Dave's choice. And, I rarely agree with men. ha! The collage idea would be great - you could start with good and go to bad and wrose as far as them getting tired. I think quirky cards are thebest.


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