Friday, November 04, 2011

Labor of love - Felt baby doll book

A few months ago I noticed that Sammi's preferred toy at the moment was this vintage fabric book that has little objects on strings that you tuck into the different pages. There is an apple for the shopping cart and a bear for the bed and so on.

My wheels started churning and I decided to make her a felt book of her own.

It turned out bigger in size than I had first anticipated, each page is about 8 x 12 inches, but I am really in love with the end project. (When Jack saw it sitting out he said "hey mom, that's a really nice book.")

It took me more than a month to put all the different pieces together though, so quite the labor of love. (And sometimes I had to work up the courage to cut into my precious vintage fabrics!)

I started with the baby. It took me three tries to get her *just right*.
The cover has hexagon building blocks.
And baby hangs from a piece of silky vintage seam binding.
The wagon page is AWESOME. The colors are not as bright in the photo as they truly are. I made the wagon from pieces of vinyl.
I wanted the words for this page to look like sky writing. Baby rides in the shiny pink wagon.
The mama page.
Baby rides in the moby wrap. (This is where I started to feel clever, a moby wrap! Yes!)
The bath tub page, complete with our clawfoot tub.
And yo-yo bubbles. I wanted the words on this page to be in bubbles.
The yo-yo's are super, super tiny. (And a bugger to make.)
Baby takes a bath.
The goodnight page.
With the world's smallest hexagon quilt. The hexes are a little less than the size of a quarter. And yes, I hand sewed on the binding. I wanted the word sleep to look like it was being tucked into bed here.

Baby goes to bed.

And Love, the most important, and final page.

All that's left to do is decide whether to hold it back for her first birthday or not!


  1. So adorable!! Love the Moby wrap most of all (and admire your tiny yo-yo and hex making skills!) I have been working on a cloth book for 2 years now, and it is not anywhere as cute as this!

  2. it's truly amazing!!!!! I wish I had time at this moment to make a quite book.. have been wanting to for a long time!

  3. SQUEAL! I'm in love. It's absolutely amazing!!!!!

  4. This is amazing!! What a labor of love - she will treasure it. :) The Moby is a great touch, but that teensy quilt - oy! You are super mom.

  5. that is so beautiful and will be an heirloom for sure. i can't believe it only took a month! I had a felt book as a kid where the animals tucked into their hideouts. I still have it - and I am sure Sammy will treasure this!

  6. oops, I meant 'Sammi!' (mine is a Sammy.)

  7. Wonderful gift for your precious Sammi!
    You do beautiful work! Thanks for sharing it with us.

  8. That is the most adorable thing I have ever seen! Love the bathtub curtains!

  9. Cutest thing ever! I love the idea of the baby attached to the book. Did you just attach to the "spine" of the book? Looks like an awesome idea for a baby gift for somebody really special.
    Give it to her now while she's still enjoying this phase. If you wait, she may be done with all that!

  10. Sarah! That. Is.crazzyy! I know she will love it know but when she is older and realizes what you did! Wowza! I thought the Moby was a hug, but that's my favorite.

  11. So sweet. Just lots of love and work in each of these little stitches and pages...smiles...Renee

  12. That is beyond awesome!! I am in the process of making my nieces texture/color books. So much fun. I am almost done. Hopefully next week I will have some sewing time.

  13. Anonymous9:31 AM

    You did an amazing job! I adore this -- and all the vintage prints. What a cute book!

    ~ Jennifer

  14. I love this little book. It's so charming and sweet!

  15. This is wonderful! What a treasure! I bet you had so much fun working on it too. :)

  16. This is absolutely, positively wonderful. Bravo. Great ideas, and beautiful execution. I just found you through Ohdeedoh. I love the name of your blog!

  17. Wow that is just the best book ever - ful of admiration for your creativity and energy :-)

  18. That is absolutely adorable, I love your use of vintage fabrics and the baby theme: really clever and stands apart from other quiet books I have seen. Just beautiful! :)


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