Saturday, November 05, 2011

The reason I do that thing I do

I was up early this morning with Sammi browsing blogs while she played.

Then I spotted this post from Barbara . Let's just say that was the end of my lounge around the house morning. I mean look at that haul! I had to get dressed and get out there, there was junk waiting for me.

We went to four garage sales and completely struck out. As in - I haven't bought a single thing I might as well take the children home - struck out. On the way back to the highway I spotted a sign for a yard sale that hadn't been on my list. I circled back around to hit it.

It was a bunch of J U N K. Plastic tablecloths, plastic flower pots, etc. I was just about to leave because the woman was driving me nuts about my tee shirt*, when I spotted some rolled up canvas on a table in the back corner.

I looked long enough to know only that they were old science teaching materials.

Only one was priced. "Is that $10 each or for all?" I asked her. "Welll, I really wanted $10 each. But I would take $20 for them all. I think they came out of St Marys." "Yea, I am a biologist and those are way cool, let me drag my husband out of the van." LOL


Do not be fooled by my late afternoon sun photographs.
These are beautifully painted old plant diagrams.
This one is the fern.
Made in Germany maybe? I haven't googled this yet.
This one is mold.
I can't remember what this one was, and it is already safely tucked away from cats and children.

And this one is Spirogyra.

Honestly, I almost peed myself.

*This* is why I love junk and why I love looking for junk!

I am going to rotate them out over the fireplace mantel and enjoy every single second of them.

*I have an old Save Martha shirt that I LOVE. I have had it since 2003? 2004? before she went to jail. But it's comfortable and cozy and it's my bum around shirt. I suppose people have forgotten she went to jail already or something because EVERYONE wants to discuss the darn shirt. It's a shirt people, make it be whatever you want it to be, it's just a shirt. If you harass me about it I will leave your garage sale. LOL


  1. You are now officially the person I read about in Country Living and think-"So cool. I'd never stumble on those authentic vintage science posters at a garage sale and I can't afford $50 at an antique store."

  2. You inspire me to get out there! What a find! I get goose bumps just thinking of your excitement. Wowie!
    Thanks for sharing the bright moment of your morning!

  3. Absolutely stunning. I am in complete gasp mode. What an amazing find. I love botanicals with my background and these are cream of the crop. Well done...we call that nervous talk at our house. I would listen to that all day if it brought home those amazing with envy over your latin labeled molds...smiles..Renee

  4. hey I bought you something a "so called estate sale" yesterday!!! It was a very crappy sale - however I was able to pick up a few lovely hankies!!! Are you still in need of them for Cheeks quilt?? Get in touch!!

  5. Oh. My. Gosh! I love the fern! LOVE it. Once again so jealous! Makes me want something new over my mantel.

  6. Those are awesome! You definitely got a steal on them.

  7. OMG! Those are great! I AM a biologist and would have peed myself to find them, LOL!

    Great bargain for 20/all.


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