Monday, November 14, 2011


I don't usually use my blog to pimp out ANYTHING, but I do actually love shutterfly.

Remember when the kids and I took all those photos for Father's Day ? We turned them into a beautiful shutterfly photo book.

And the ones we took of our engagement photos ? Also turned into a shutterfly book. (Which you saw the kids enjoying together in last week's blog post.

I did a little comparison over the summer - there were a TON of offers for free photo books, and so I made several of them. Shutterfly's was hands down the best of the bunch.

And I am not being paid to say that.

So when I saw that they would give me free Christmas cards to blog about them, of course I said I would do it.

Remember the Christmas card photos?

This is the one I ended up choosing. I mean come on, it says believe underneath my kids with those hilarious looks on their faces! It was hard to choose though, because they do have a collage card, and I know a lot of you liked that idea. I think I need a few more to fill out the list, so I might choose that option too.

Next up on my shutterfly list is a photo book for my mom for Christmas.

You can see the card selection for yourself here:

holiday cards
Christmas cards
thank you cards

P.S. A frugal tip - sometimes there is a groupon type deal for Shutterfly, which is one I never pass up!

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  1. Those turned out SO cute! I won 25 cards from Shara's blog so now I can't wait to use them, now that I've seen how great your cards are!


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