Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Thrifted and first words

Even though all my pottery is safely stored in the basement right now away from Sammi the Shark, I couldn't resist these two tiny pots at the thrift.
A quilted McCoy.
And a mystery.

Samantha Dear is telling you about her "kitty cat" in this photo. Right now she says mama (or mom or my ma) and cat and kitty cat. And some version of "shhh shhh" which I think is because her father is trying to teach her "shiny".

She also is VERY into nodding her head no no no. Particularly when she is busy eating something she knows she shouldn't be eating. LOL

Still no progress on sign language though! I am still working diligently on milk, eat, more, and the sign for cat (even though she already knows that word). (It's interesting to see the difference in the kids. Jack was a very proficient signer by this point.)

At least she isn't saying "shit" yet, which was one of the first five words that Jack knew. LOL


  1. Oh my goodness she looks like a toddler...overnight her hair grew and she just took off. Good grief it is just too fast. My oldest talked non stop and my second was mute because his brother spoke for him until about five when he need his voice! Smiles...Renee

  2. LOL!!! Fear not, my nephew, who will be 2 in March, cusses like a sailor! One of his first words was bull $Hi+! When out to dinner recently, he dropped his fried plantain (he really likes them) and said mother f*cker! LOL!!!


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