Monday, November 07, 2011

An unexpected find

I was *this* close to not going to the flea yesterday. The time change means the children are up VERY early and Dave and I had stayed up well past midnight trying to score a really good Christmas deal.

But when I went to open the window after feeding Sammi, I noticed it was really warm out.

So off I went.

I picked up two more of these huge industrial wire baskets, which I have been using to organize pantry stuff. (Anyone know what these things are from anyway?)
Then as I was on my way back to my car I stopped to say goodbye to one of the vendors I have been friendly with for many years and I noticed a bag full of Ezrgebirge figurine parts. After digging through to decide if they were salvageable or not, I had to negotiate FOREVER on the price.

I first saw these sometime last year and I spent some time searching for them then, so I know that on both ebay and the retail market they are CRAZY expensive little things.

Since these are rough, and needed a lot of glue, I got them for a little less than 2 dollars each. Still not bargain basement cheap.
And despite the previous poor repair jobs that have left them darkened with glue I love them so much. So much sweetness in such a little thing.

Right now they are living on the mantle while I decide what on earth I am going to put there with my science posters.
Actually, the whole house is in 10 shades of disarray because of one VERY busy baby. I am being forced to rearrange a lot of stuff to keep her out of trouble and it is slow going right now! LOL


  1. We have some metal baskets at work, they have numbers on them and they are from the old lockers at the municipal pool. Could they be from a freezer? Just grasping at straws here............

  2. Your figurines are just the sweetest things EVER!!! I think I could find several lovely spaces for them in my craft room.

  3. I was thinking freezer baskets too. Lucky score on the figures. I have a bunch and I agree they can get pretty spendy (I pick them up when I find them cheap...but that is not often)


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