Tuesday, November 08, 2011

What I do right now

You know what I do right now?

I take the children to the doctor.

A lot.

Like at least 4 times in the last 2 weeks.

I am so over it.

Everything else on my want to do list? Never gets done. Because I am visiting the doctor again. I see him more than my husband at this point!

I picked up a pair of shadowboxes at the flea market for a dollar last weekend. I took a before photo for you, but then it got deleted. They are from hobby lobby and they had pink polka dotted backgrounds with the letters L and I in them.

The shape instantly reminded me of these shadowboxes . I was not at all sure I could get them open, since hobby lobby didn't sell them as frames, but as "art".

After much encouragement with an exacto knife and a science spatula, I was in.

Then I had to decide what on earth to put in them. Every idea I had led to a *missing* item that was nowhere to be found. (I have clearly organized myself into chaos instead of organization in the sewing room.) Just when I was about to give up I spotted two prize rosettes on my bulletin board.
I smacked some scrapbook paper on to cover up where I ripped off the letters, glued in the rosettes with a Martha Stewart chipboard animal and up they went in the bathroom.
They are cute.

But someday I might find those missing items and put them in there instead.

What I really want to talk about is pinterest.

When I go back and look at my boards there I have pinned all sorts of white, white, white rooms. We just remodeled this house two years ago, and I had everything the way I wanted it. Why do I pin all this white stuff? When I was doing Sammi's room I tried like hell to make it white and beautiful and it just felt HORRIBLE in there. So I painted it a dark gray.

And yet, I still pin all things white.

I am left wondering if I should try a much whiter palette again or if I should just decide they are nice to look at but not to live with.


What do you think? Do you pin stuff you could actually live with? Or just dream about living with?

P.S. David says "pinterest is like crack." That's right, my HUSBAND is drinking the pinterest kool-aid.


  1. These are soo stinkin adorable! Love the colors you chose and the little chipboard animals! Great job.. Will please, please, please share these darlings with my Pink Hippo Party @ http://pinkapotamus.blogspot.com/2011/11/pink-hippo-party-54.html

  2. I hope this doesn’t get wordy, but I’ve thought about this too. All the inspiration photos I was pulling out of magazines had dark wood floors and white walls. I started looking around, and realized that there is no way in the world I could do that in my home. Instead of white baseboards I have natural pine. Instead I went with a white bed and grey walls. I’m kind of convinced those inspiration photos had white walls to make the other stuff ‘pop,’ and unless you had certain kind of home with really nice floors and architectural features it wouldn’t look right.

  3. I love the look of white - cool and crisp - however in a realistic world full of little tiny humans....white is not practical! Unless you want to be washing and scrubbing on a daily basis!! I was just having this convo with my hubs yesterday! When we got married 5 years ago we opted to redo our kitchen instead of taking a trip (boy did I get gyped!) Our kitchen is bright yellow and the backsplash is bright orange. So we painted all doors and trim and chair rail stark white!!! BIGGEST mistake of my life! I have repainted it twice already - it is so hard to keep even halfway clean!!! I so wish we left it the lighter wood instead!!

  4. I love photos of white rooms myself. Because of the light in my house though, all white only works in my kitchen.
    So perhaps they are nice to look at, but if your house isn't right, they aren't so nice to live with.

  5. Very cute shadow boxes!
    Sorry about the kiddos. We have had years like that, but thankfully there are years of sickness free too. Hang in there, it will end soon(eventually they will get immune to it all, right!?!)

    As far as inspiration and pinterest, I totally understand where you are coming from. I love, love, love a lighter palette and pastel colors(your decor!) but when I have tried to do it in my own home, it just looks awful. It's like I don't know how to decorate outside of my comfort zone(darker prim style) and when I try it is just a hot mess. But I am so drawn to that other look. I'm beginning to think it is one of those "you want what you don't have things" or the "grass is greener on the other side".
    For now, I'm just sticking with what I know and admiring other styles from afar. Maybe one day...when I get that camp or cottage...I can try a whole new look in it :)

    Not sure if that helped or not, but you are definitely not alone!!

  6. That is so interesting that you bring up white rooms. I was just pondering that myself. I see all the white rooms and drool. Then I think about white in my house and I just can't see it work. I wonder if those white rooms look as good in real life or just in photos. If its just in photos, then that is a shame if people plan their colors (or lack thereof) based on how photos will look on the internet. We need more beautiful realistic designs, maybe?

  7. I with you on the Pinterest confusion. I pin really modern stuff that I;ll never do and super shabby chic that would never work in our open plan apartment. Sorry the kids are sick.

    To answer your how long question of a while back- two weeks today!! Crazy. Not rushing a minute.

  8. Sorry to hear about your kids Sarah -- I hope those little cuties are feeling better soon.

    As for the white -- I wish you could figure out what it is. I do the same thing (well, I might not actually pin it, but I gravitate towards it) -- but when I look at magazines or furniture shops or talk to interior decorators or go to the new home shows, NO ONE is doing all that white! And, like you, I know it would just look so blah in our house. I've had help picking out a paint color for our kitchen -- everyone loves it but me and I'm sure it's because all I can see is the white stuff online. Same for the family room -- the color has been picked, but I just can't do it -- what if I hate it? Please find the cure for this disease!!!


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