Monday, January 09, 2012

Bow tie garland

I loved bow garland the minute I saw it on pinterest.
When we made the living room shelving Dave said we needed a bunting (!!) to go over the television in the middle section.

After thinking about it for oh, 12 seconds, I decided the bow ties would perfect.
I confess that I did not follow her directions. (I had some issues with what was supposed to be going on in steps 3 and 4.)

But they are easy to sort out, directions or not.

I actually want them hanging a bit higher, but I used 6 command strips trying to hang them too late at night and got frustrated and gave up. Ha.
In other news, tomorrow is Cheek's first birthday.



  1. The garland looks terrific! Yay Dave for such a great design suggestion. I am going to Florida for a week, so I won't have much internet access. Happy Early 1st Birthday Cheeks! You are a miracle baby! Happy happy day!

  2. For a tsunami, Cheeks is beautiful!! Love the garland!

  3. How cute is that garland! Love it! Happy "early" Birthday to your little sweetie!

  4. One! I cannot believe it. Happy birthday to all of you!

  5. well, Happy Birthday to you Cheeks!!
    It's been a fun year watching you grow and change! I'm sure the next year will be just as interesting!

  6. Isn't Pinterest the best? That's really the cutest garland I've ever seen. Happy early Birthday to Sweet Cheeks!

  7. That garland is adorable, and the child - need I say more? Are you sure she's one already?


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