Tuesday, January 03, 2012

First Birthday Cake Topper

We took Jack to the Magic House over Christmas break to see the Magic Tree House special exhibit.
He loves those books, but to my surprise he liked the rest of the Magic House better than the Jack and Annie stuff.

Go figure.
I finished another project for Sammi's birthday (which is now one week from today!). I pinned this and then just copied it.

I want the head shinier.

And in a different position.

But whatever. It took 4 stores to round up the parts (annoying) and forever to paint them (equally annoying).

All that's left to make is her birthday crown.

On that note, she is up and crying. Again. She is really, really, really a terrible, god awful, horrible sleeper. I had so much hope that fixing the ears would mean sleeping through the night, but nope.

Fixing the ears has also done NOTHING for our bottle drinking problems and I am reaching my maximum capacity of patience with both the not sleeping and the not drinking (anything - not milk, not formula, not water, not juice) from every vessel under the sun (bottles, cups, sippy cups of infinite varieties and straws). (And she will not NOT not hold her own bottle. No way in hell is she going to do that, no ma'am.)

I let her cry it out this afternoon, which I despise, but really, an infant should be sleeping. She cried for more than a damn hour and then barely slept 30 minutes.

I MUST toughen my skin a little I think. At almost one year she ought to be self soothing a little right?

Jack certainly did.


  1. I didn't see the one you had pinned, but thought you had gotten the idea from the other one. I like this one better. Love the little bird. Wish I had some wisdom to share on baby sleeping woes, but I got nothin.

  2. I do remember when I was doing all the required reading about attachment issues that among the things that cause attachment issues (in addition to early months in an orphanage) are chronic pain in early months, and they specifically mentioned ear infections. So she may have some attachment issues that stem from some of the pain she has been having from that. Just a thought. If you want more info about attachment issues, I can refer you to some of the sites adoptive parents read. Good luck.

  3. I had one who didn't sleep the night thru till 3! He was an awesome sleeper during the day, but woke up regularly in the middle of the night and needed a little rocking to help him settle. I was game since I was a stay at home mom and had some sleeping issues myself! Cuddle her all she needs - she'll be all grown up soon enough.

  4. My youngest didn't sleep through the night till she was 2 and a half and then stopped taking any naps what so ever... wasn't a sleeper until she grew up! Loves her naps now... go figure. She too was my ear infections kid ( just like me and now her kids). She also was my night terrors kid. Each child is different and we adults have to work around these differences. With this child I gave up on "going at her head on"... never won a battle! And started coming from the side and redirecting her. Needless to say we survived... she's 36, has two kids, married and a great high school teacher!

  5. so darling. nice job on that cake topper.
    and i wish i could tell you that she should be self-soothing but man, i cant. after 6 kids, they are all so different. i have some that have self-soothed & then i have had 2 that i had to rock to sleep, or jiggle, or bribe or give milk to, or whatever....but it took FOREVER to get them to stay in bed. my 5 year old son (in 5 days really) is just now going to bed without a problem. my 2 1/2 year old daughter still has issues. but my 17 yr old daughter, 13 year old daughter, 7 year old daughter & 1 yr old son all have been self-soothers. it's who they are i guess. blessings on that as it can be quite frustrating.

  6. oh & unfortunately with my 7 year old, 5 year old & 2 1/2 year old...naps stopped at the 2 year mark for whatever reason. that has been miserable for me. i'm hoping that i can keep my 1 year old napping until he is 4 but i am not really holding out much hope.

  7. Love it! I had to chuckle at all the stores you had to go to to get the supplies. That is so true. When I have a great idea for a craft I can never find what I need at the local stores! How cute! You are very talented.


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