Thursday, January 12, 2012

Hello first snow.

It finally snowed. There is no school, even though we only have an inch or two of snow. Sammi had I spent 3 days sitting in the yard in 60 degree sunshine. Bizarre.

In anticipation of the "snow day" I was at the grocery store at midnight last night. (It's $10 Thursday and frankly I do not hate myself enough to try and take $10 off Thursday in the snow with both of my children.)

Exciting times. (You wouldn't believe the line at midnight on $10 off Thursday!)
Cheeks enjoyed her birthday cupcake on Tuesday. (Duncan Hines french vanilla super moist = YUMMMY. Get some.)
I started trying to round up party supplies yesterday. These pink utensils from Dollar Tree are the *perfect* shade of pink. And so pretty in that milk glass container. I think I would like to eat with them every single day.
I also put up some doily/eyelet lanterns on the mantle.
I needed something to help disguise the wires so I just started tying tulle around them. That tulle has been kicking around my sewing room since our very pink wedding 8 years ago.
And I hung up some little pink doll clothes on the ladder.

On tap today - decorating the pink feather tree for the birthday party.

And wrangling my two wild children. One of whom has just been sent to time out for throwing things in the living room. For the fourth day in a row.



  1. Your birthday decorations are just dreamy. Love the touch of tulle with the lights and the doll dresses on the ladder are so sweet. We have a major snow storm finally coming to West MI. It's been long overdue and we're ready!!

  2. Looks like you're having fun decorating for the party. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that bunting on the mantel!

  3. Anonymous9:07 PM

    I had to pin one of the mantle photos, it just looks so gorgeous!


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