Thursday, January 05, 2012

Lie to me, the birthday crown

When Jack was turning 2 I made him a felt birthday crown. It was a spur of the moment sort of project, whipped up in an hour or two, and it has seen plenty of imaginative play action since then.

Of course that means Sammi had to have a crown of her own.

Except this time I had all these grand ideas about using beautiful fabrics and ruffles and flowers and on and on.
I spent like 8 hours making this silly crown.

And many, many more cursing my frustration with it. I could not get it *perfect*.

I needed Tim Gunn over my shoulder raising his eyebrows, brow furrowed with worry - "I can see where you want to go with this Sarah, but I am worried about how you will get there. Make it work."
And I had cut into a most precious piece of my favorite feedsack EVER to make it so the need for perfection was high.
Knowing how much Jack has used his put the pressure on even more - how many years am I going to spend looking at her playing with it?
I need you all to lie to me and say IT'S PERFECT! LOL

(It is rather big right now, but obviously I only want to make one of these things. It is the forever birthday crown and so there is room to grow.)


  1. I want one just like it.

  2. You cut into a FEED SACK! Don't think I could have done it. And from now on I'm going to pretend Tim Gunn is in the sewing room with me! Totally made me laugh. I think it is very cute and she is such a lucky little girl to have a Momma that would put so much into her first birthday.

  3. Totally sweet and totally perfect. Beautiful job, Sarah.

  4. Super cute.... I now have 5.5 months to think up one for my grandson's birthday. Even about to be 6 would want a crown!

  5. PERFECT! LOVE! I want one too! Sarah, that is really special!

  6. Tim Gunn would be proud..tis adorable and that photo with Sammi wearing it...she is the birthday queen!

    Put my order in...but my head is a bit larger than hers....LOL

  8. I love it! Super job. Eight hours is nothing. Look at that fabric. I would play with that for days....smiles..Renee

  9. It is perfect! Fitting for your darling little girl.
    Soooooo cute!

  10. I agree! Terrific!


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