Friday, January 13, 2012

No bakers twine?

We are having pink cookies and pink milk at the pink doily party tomorrow.

I pinned a few ideas where they wrapped bottles with doilies and tied them on.

So I rounded up bottles (recycled snapple bottles) and ended up having to cut down big doilies because there are NO LITTLE DOILIES to be found at a reasonable price!

And then I realized I had nothing to tie them on with.

I tried a few things when I was digging around in the sewing room in desperation and found this stuff:
I think it's crochet thread? Thrift stores around here are always FILLED with the stuff. I must have bought this because it was pink.
It worked perfectly. (And a lot cheaper than baker's twine too.)
Now I have to tie doilies on an army of bottles. (I wanted frappucino bottles, but I couldn't find them. When Dave spotted the "S" on the snapple bottles he said it was meant to be.)
The hall tree is decked out for her birthday too.
Rebecca suggested putting pictures of Sammi on the tree, so I stuck some photos of her on doilies with double sided tape.
It's a cute idea. If I had thought of it sooner I would have had more photos printed so I could fill the tree.
Love this squishy face one.
Then I had the brilliant idea to put wrapped presents on the tree, so I dug around the playroom and scrounged up these blocks...

which Jack helped me wrap.


Now I have to go freak out. My house is a wreck, the cake isn't done, and I have nothing ready for this shindig!


  1. Have a great party...Happy day! Renee

  2. Everything is sooo cute...oh--I saw PINK crochet doilies in the dollar section at Michael's last night......


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