Monday, February 06, 2012

Mid winter doldrums

I got nothin'.

I am not making anything (and nothing is in the works). (Well, I did make a buttload of valentines with the boy scouts, but I forgot to take pics. They are bound for the senior citizens home.)

I am not going anywhere.

It's not snowing.

The kids have been sick.

I spend all day minding kids and making dinner in the crockpot.

And having picnics with Sammi. (She got this set for her birthday and she LOVES it).

When you "feed" her with the forks she goes MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM.

Too cute.

(She is pretty much the easiest baby ever. No lie.)

So, it's boring over here. But good.

And as a result I got nothin' for the blog.

How about you?


  1. Pretty boring here, too....but I started cleaning out my workroom/basement and finding all sorts of treasures I forgot about. I couldn't finish all my projects at my pace if I lived to be 99!
    Oh, and the dead mouse I found had been there ages....all dried up. YUCK!
    I would rather have a picnic with sweet cheeks!

  2. those pig tails!


  3. Sometimes no news is good news. And in case you don't spot it, I found this and repinned it for YOU!
    Because I thought you might really love it.

  4. I have been struggling about things to blog about since it is just. Cook , clean, keep kids entertained not great blogging material


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