Wednesday, March 07, 2012

I have been forced to shop on the internet

The past two days have been warm (and WINDY) and it's reminded me of how anxious I am for spring this year.

My kids need to play outside more*. It means the ends of the first trimester yuckies. And it means the start of junk season.

Because of the aforementioned thrift shop dreck, I have resorted to internet shopping.

I bought this quilt on fleabay last week.
It has two pretty big tears in the middle which I think I am just going to zig zag over to keep it together.
But it's so sweet.
And perfectly faded.

And it scratched my junk itch.

Until I won another quilt last night. :-)

I looked at some quilts locally a few months ago that belonged to someone who was looking to clear out an estate. I made a very fair offer on them, but someone else told them they were worth $500 (!!!) each. (They were very standard patterns in 1930-1940's fabrics.) So of course my (top dollar for me) offer looked pathetic. I have since heard they are destined for auction. Which makes me a little sad. I do hope they find a good home, but that price is completely outrageous.

A quilt has to be pretty fantastic to even bring $100 on Ebay these days. (Fabric seems to bring a lot more money than the finished quilts right now.)

Anyway. The point of the story is if you are looking to buy quilts Ebay is the place to be right now. $50 can buy you something really sweet. (And in better condition. $50 is high for me. This one was about $20.)

At least for now.

*Dave and I are engaged in a little debate about outside toys right now. Jack saw a big swingset at Costco he is REALLY keen to have. (Two story fort!). I say we just buy it. We have Sam and fingers crossed and the creek don't rise we are about to have another little person. The kids will get many years worth of play out of it. Dave thinks it's a lot of money for a "swing arm" and would rather dream of building some elaborate play fort thing himself. Which is nice and all, but honestly, that ends up costing the same amount of money and takes a LOT more time and effort than just buying the thing at costco. What to do, what to do.

Speaking of our other little person, I have another OB appt tomorrow. I am starting to have a bit of my "had way too many miscarriages" anxiety because I have been feeling better. Oy.


  1. Good morning!
    My husband decided to make his own fort/ did cost more. It didn't have the WOW factor...and since it was made of wood, the rungs on the ladder thing didn't hold up when our boys were teenagers (and kids show off). It still stands-now an ugly testament to years gone by. I want to send it to the dump...he thinks it is 'worth money' (the lumber part). Sheesh!
    Thanks for eating me vent. I am sending good wishes your way! Kiss Sammi's cheeks for me!

  2. A swingset kit is already designed, saving lots of time. Tell him he can make some changes to one of those.

    Lovely quilt.

  3. well, just so you know, my husband designed and made ours, and it cost WAY less. it's pretty simple, no two-story fort or anything, but the kids have gotten years and years of play. the assembly time is probably similar on both, actually because those sets take SO long to put together.

  4. I was a Costco this afternoon and saw the two story fort you mentioned..pretty impressive. My kids had a swingset/slide/monkeybar in our backyard. Hours and hours of play on it along with the neighbor kids. Took up our whole tiny backyard and was not sad when it finally went away.

  5. Good luck with the dr. app't. Other issues: I'm with you on the swingset. And I find the devaluation of quilts just so sad. I will never understand why people will pay more for something mass produced than a good old quilt. ($500 is crazy! I think they're going to be disappointed at auction.)

  6. buy it! Worth it in the end. We bought one and built it was made well and the kids loved it. We put sand in the bottom under the shade of the fort. Then we moved and inherited a made fort...that splintered and had nails coming out all over. Love your quilt. Thanks for the tips never know what the price should be. Never thought to zig zag either. Thinking of you tomorrow. Hate the wind....smiles...Renee

  7. We bought the cosco "treehouse". and never regreted it. My husband has good intentions,but never seems to get around to them. This is a good investment for the little ones.

  8. my husband built our "playground" as all the visiting kids call it. monkey bars, 2 forts, 2 slides, 5 swings, rock climbing wall etc....for way less than what it would have cost at Costco. We actually bought the kit from Lowe's & only had to purchase the wood. Clay (my husband) took his time & did a really good job. It has held up well & we have actually added on as we have added kids. 8 years & counting now. But the one's at Costco are super sweet. It all depends on time really. But it is generally cheaper to do it yourself unless they go on clearance at Costco. Have fun with that tho.

  9. as for your baby appt....i totally get the way you feel. i have one on the 20th - & at 41 well i'm apprehensive...if you have ever miscarried (which i know you have & i know that i have)...until we go & see that little heart beat's a fear that is hard to let go of.

    also, in regards to the play husband also built a huge treehouse with a zipline off if it. there are really cool things that he can do if he sets his mind to it & cheaply too. plus the knowledge that he did it for his kids is a big plus. i mean, he cant cook the kids like you do so he has to have something going for him!


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