Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A momentous occasion

This is Sammi.This is Sammi FINALLY drinking from a cup.
This is Sammi, the baby who will only drink HOT milk from BOTTLES, drinking COLD milk from a straw cup!

There is hope we might get rid of those bottles after all.

(Look at that hair. I have no idea what to do with that hair.)

My grandparents dogwood tree is in bloom already. They planted it when one of their children died suddenly at the age of 36. Every year I am so happy that family still lives in their house, able to appreciate the tree for what they wanted it to be - a symbol of his life.

In other short news (Sammi is demanding attention again, surprise!) - I was as sick as I have ever been yesterday. Yesterday was 13 weeks and I swear I am becoming hostile about this nausea. I have furniture to paint and things to make and I am so freaking sick of the gagging.

Thankfully today is a new day and I am feeling slightly less hostile about all of it. (Even if I do feel very unsure about how long I can hold down that bagel. Argh.)


  1. That bench is gorgeous. Even more so with that sweet cheeks on it. Claire had that same hair and now she has loads of it. There is hope....Smiles...Renee

  2. Love that pie crust glidder! Oh Sammi is a doll too!


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