Sunday, April 08, 2012

Hoppy Easter

It's a good thing the very first photo was halfway decent, because the bunny ear thing went all downhill from there.
I didn't expect anything else though.
Sammi is in FULL ON toddler shrieking, crying every time Jack looks at her mode.
I tried hard to get a photo of her pretty little dress. Yellow with daisies and little green embroidery on the front. And a peter pan collar. I die. But she doesn't care about dresses yet either.
We dyed eggs.
The Easter bunny came for a visit. (I gave up on making the kids rabbits this year. I have always done it, but the sickies are back and I am tired.)
A basket for Jack too.
Sammi only cared about the puffs. In fact, she is obsessed with having her own can of puffs and WILL NOT let them go.
Jack was happy to find things like microscope slides and new, more grown up, movies and books.

Eggs were hunted. Cupcakes are baked (no rabbit cake this year, I can't muster it). And we are ready for the rest of the family to arrive to eat shiny red ham. (A long running family joke about me and the ham - we are mortal enemies.)

Happy Easter to you and yours!


  1. HoPpY Easter!
    So nice to see your pictures and enjoy the memories they invoke. We always hid the small foil covered candy eggs for our boys. Great fun. Also hid their Easter baskets when they were older. That was a challenge!
    Hope you enjoy your day and your ham!

  2. Happy Easter to you all...Smiles..Renee

  3. Have a lovely Easter. Darling pics of the kiddos.

  4. Is shiny red ham anything like our "funeral" hams! HOPPY EASTER!

  5. Sammi likes that ring, doesn't she? Looks like they had a fun Easter.

  6. Looks pretty good over there. I haven't noticed that chair before, but I am loving the fabric. I am clearly in a green and yellow phase. I did manage a sleeping bunny ear picture. Will post it soon.

  7. That first picture is adorable Sarah. Looks like a wonderful Easter!

  8. That first picture is a winner!! They both look so darned cute!!! Thanks for showing the rest of them-so typical of little kids-ha ha! Hope everything turned out wonderfully for you!!!


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