Monday, April 30, 2012

Not for lack of trying

We got new family photos taken. I love how Sammi is looking away in this one. Oh yea, and those pigtails.
They are some cutie patooties, those two.
Last Friday was Dave's birthday. I made a cake with a washi tape bunting on top. Jack LOVED that bunting. He went on and on about it. Thank goodness Dave didn't go on and on about the lack of presents (or even a card). I started Friday with good intentions but life is just not very cooperative right now.

I see that everyone else is out and about buying lots of fabulous things. Me? Nothing. And not for lack of trying. I actually had to look back on the blog to see the last thing I bought. It was at the beginning of March. One weekend I went to no fewer than 15 garage sales and bought NOTHING. Not even crap for the kids. It's starting to be a pointless pursuit.

Sam and I went out for a bit anyway recently because it's been so darn rainy. I found a few things, but I had to REALLY overpay for them. (The thrifts are getting insane. And they are BARE. I can't even find a jar for the oxi clean to replace one I broke. Ugh.)

What I did buy:
A piece of fabric.
A way over priced dish towel.
A vinyl tablecloth (with a scalloped edge).
A book for Sammi...
Or two. I love Golden Sturdy books but they are not very easy to find.

I guess I will have to start buying stuff from those of you with better luck.

Speaking of luck - with any luck Dave and I are leaving the children with my mother on Friday and Saturday to go on a junking adventure.

I CANNOT FREAKING WAIT for some peace and quiet. No food to clean off the floor! No whining! No crying! Now, let's hope 1) the children are healthy enough to leave with her and 2) I don't puke the entire way or have to lie and down and die or something. (I still do not feel so great. Oy.)

Fingers crossed.


  1. Darling studio pics. Those pigtails are just adorable. You have two beautiful children. Wishing you a lovely weekend of junking/thrifting. Fingers crossed that it works on splendidly. My mother and sister are taking me out Sunday. I'll have my crutches, protective boot and knee scooter in tow. Yippee!!

  2. Funny you should say that - I will have things for sale on my blog in the morning. A vintage quilt makings with lots of vintage fabric. Cute!

  3. Even if you overpaid, you got cute stuff! And speaking of cute - those children!

  4. The kis look adorable Sarah! Jack is looking so grown up. Just think -- before long, you'll have another one to add to the picture!

  5. I commented to an employee at Goodwill how expensive it was. She rudely shot back that Goodwill was NOT a thrift store. Could've fooled me!


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