Monday, May 07, 2012

The fabric of Iowa

Okay, onto the *stuff!*

I bought a lot of fabric stuff.

And it was good to BUY something after such a long drought here at home. (Never mind that everything is wrinkly. It was all VERY stinky and wet and had to be washed ASAP. And it is raining so the color is not great. But I have to start putting that pile away. See previous twitching post.)I had no clue what this was when I bought it. In fact, almost everything on this post was bought in a big sopping wet heap. I just knew it was a good vintage print and the price was right. When I started playing with it in the car it hit me - a bonnet!
A very sweet dress for Sammi.
The polka dots are a periwinkle blue.
A super duper cute pair of overalls for Sammi.
In green and orange!
A doll quilt. Which could use some more whitening it appears.
Several yards of this vintage print.
My favorite pillow cases, border prints.
In cute gingham.
And berries too.
Vintage doll clothes!
This is actually a dark purple.
Ruffly sleeves.
Sweet orange.
Some fabric scraps.
A swiss dot doll dress.
In a salmon pink, complete with a huge thread. LOL
This baby quilt is nothing special on the front.
But what I really wanted was this feedsack on the back!
And a few more fabric scraps. The two on the right are extra awesome.

Best of all, finding junk inspired me to make things again. I started painting something yesterday.

And Sammi and I need to go buy more paint this morning.

As soon as I change another diaper. ;-)


  1. Trying to think what I'd have to trade you for that feedsack backing. My dog? The car? The entire collection of Jadeite? (OK, scrap that last suggestion.) Awesome all the way around.

  2. What fabulous fabric. I'm completely in love with the vintage doll dresses. Good for you for rescuing them. Sammi is going to be adorable in those outfits.

  3. Fun stuff. Any thoughts on what you'll make with the fabric? Or are you just planning to admire it like I do? :)


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