Sunday, May 06, 2012

Goodbye Iowa

It was lovely to be away from the children for almost two days.
What was not so lovely was the bit where I very nearly passed out cold in the flea market on Friday afternoon.
It was oh so hot and humid and the sun was beating down on me.
And even though I was drinking water, just as Dave was negotiating the purchase of some jars I started to feel VERY faint and see stars.
And all I could think was OMG I am about to drop right here and they are going to have to carry me off in one of those golf carts.

So I started desperately seeking out some shade.

Which could only be found in the mud (god it is so muddy there) behind a trailer.

And I had to sit down in the shade of that trailer for a good twenty minutes. Trying not to barf and/or pass out. Which meant every twenty minutes on Friday I had to sit down again. I knew being pregnant was going to REALLY slow me down, but that meant after about an hour Friday I was done.
Saturday was much better.
But more importantly by the time we arrived home yesterday I had a bit of a HUGE revelation about myself and Jack. We are butting heads a lot right now because he is a very rigid kid. We joke that he is Sheldon (of Big Bang Theory fame). But in reality is not very fun to live with most of the time.
I have always known that *I* am also fairly inflexible. We joke about things being *regular*. I don't like it when they are not *regular*.
That means I don't like hotels. At all. The toilet paper is too damn scratchy, the a/c too loud, the sheets and blankets are all wrong, the jelly is some weird stuff in little packets instead of my "made from the farm up the road" jelly, the butter is not real, and on and on and on.
Well, we left my mom here with the kids. In my house.

And every single thing on earth was NOT regular when I returned. The thermostat was messed with, the ice was set to crush instead of cube, the dryer alarm was on, the laundry soap was moved, the rugs were in the wrong bathrooms... getting the picture here?

Holy moses nothing was REGULAR!

And it sends me over the edge a little.

And I have to start making every thing right immediately.

Okay fine. I am neurotic. What's the point?

*I* control every single aspect of my life and my days. I run the house. The toilet paper unrolls the way I want it too. The laundry soap is where *I* want it.

Jack is obviously too small to be in control of his whole life. I control most of it for him. I try to do things *regular* for him. But I cannot always do that. And he, of course, is sent immediately over the edge.

I gave him a big hug when I was righting every thing and said to him that I REALLY like things to be regular. And I asked him what he likes.

Of course he said, "I like it regular too."

So the next time he is rolling on the damn floor because he saw David before work and he never sees David before work I am going to try REALLY hard to remember that it's a lot like the laundry soap being in the wrong damn spot.


  1. I like things just so too. Probably why I just about lose my mind when my husband puts the dishes away and the kitchen tools are all in the wrong drawers, or when he folds the laundry and mixes up my stuff with my daughter's or his stuff with my son's (they are still small!). But I can't complain too much, because I appreciate the help. Hey, I was wondering if you have a play ironing board. My mom gave me a play ironing board cover. It looks homemade and from vintage fabric. It has cats and dogs with flowers and butterflies and balls. The fabric is white and the design has dark pink, medium blue and shades of grey (for the cats and dogs). Seems like something you might like and I was going to donate to Goodwill. Would you like me to donate it to you instead? :-)

  2. So glad to hear you didn't pass out and have to be carried away on a golf cart! :)

    I can't believe you referred to your Jack as Sheldon! We do that with our Jack alllll the time!!! (Okay, I am a bit of a Sheldon too, and would have completely freaked coming home to find my stuff in the wrong places!) Last fall our Jack was diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome and since then things have made a LOT more sense. Also, I have come to realize I am quite the same as my son: rigid, like predictable things and routines (hate hotels too!). Now, when we're in the middle of a meltdown because something wasn't "just so" I try (realllllly hard) to put myself in my son's place and imagine how I feel when things are mixed up. SIGH.

    Anyway, love the pic of the little quilt (?) with the ric rac! I'm a sucker for anything with ric rac.

  3. I like things regular too. I REALLY like them like that, so I get this post completely. That last paragraph says it all with Jack...glad you had some time away to recognize the "laundry soap".

    also glad you did not completely pass out in a muddy field.

  4. Oh, my! Hope all is back to normal now!

    So, you went to What Cheer? You know it's an hour from my house. Well, even I didn't go! Too much rain! I knew it was going to be a muddy mess. I wondered if it would keep some of the vendors away, especially on Friday, when not all of them show up even when the weather is good.

    I'm guess you didn't get much? I hate that I have to wait 'til August to try it again.

  5. I too live with "Sheldon". Every genius has their quirks. The Boy's quirks center around his food (he only eats certain things & no one, but no one should ever touch his food or it is no longer "good".) And if you don't hear what he says the first time, it is all you can do to get him to repeat himself. And did I mention he has a photographic memory for conversations? Do not ever misquote a conversation, because you will have to hear it verbatim from him. So there are many little quirks that branch off these.
    So, in short I feel your pain!

  6. Anonymous2:06 PM

    Me too. I'm with you and Jack. My husband watches me line up my silverware in restaurants and then he messes it up. GRRRR!


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