Friday, May 18, 2012

Some for me, One for you

I never mean to disappear for an entire week.

I think oh I should blog.

But then I am trying to cook dinner and my darling, precious, sweet cheeks is for some unknown reason (every.single.night) freaking the hell out over my cooking and screaming and shrieking and clawing her way up my legs while Jackson is starting to freak out over the noise and dinner is burning to crisp and the cats are scratching to death with fleas and complete and utter chaos is breaking out.

And then I have to spend nap time working on dinner instead of slagging off. Or blogging.

It's a good time around here.

We have been busy too.

We went strawberry picking. We were dangerously low on jam now that we are eating a jar a week.

Sam took a bite of nearly every strawberry in the container. LOL
Jack refused to take a sweet photo without putting straw bunny ears on Sam.
My girl is BRAVE. She likes the regular swings. I have never seen a kid her age who could actually balance on a regular swing. And Jack pushes her high enough that she is actually moving and holding on.
We also went to field day at school. (Looking super cute, I might add. Now if she would just leave those darn pigtails alone!) She was clapping for their singing or something I think.
Today was the super cute boys last day of school. He needs a haircut first thing. I couldn't be happier about being done with this school stuff for awhile.

I have still been TRYING like hell to buy stuff with very minimal success.

This was my only mother's day flea market purchase. It will fit Sam though, bonus points for that.
I thrifted this one this week. It will fit also.
The blue gingham screams DOROTHY to me.
The pink chenille was marked $1.94 at the thrift. The expensive thrift. Maybe they were drunk that day? It's a strange style of bedspread with a ruffle on the sides on the bed. My scissors need to decide what it wants to be...My fisher price toy collection is growing by leaps and bounds. I had never seen this dump truckers set before. (The front litho is missing.)But the back is in perfect shape. I have already ordered the trucks that go with it so we can play!
And in the one for you category - I had a burfday this week. 37. Whoa. I always blog a photo of my boyfriend (waves to jon~~~bon jovi~~) and have a give away.

I slacked on the posting and the boyfriend photos because Jackson had a really terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day that day and frankly I was all het up.

BUT, I found something to give to one of you. A HUGE vintage tablecloth. I already have this one. (In fact, it was one of the first ones I bought when we lived in Florida.)

The condition is pretty excellent. Not holy or stained and I have already washed it and sunned it for you to get it back to white.

Want it? Need it? Just leave a comment telling me so.

I will have Sam draw a name in a few days.

Her first blog drawing! How "cosciting" as a little Jack used to say. :-)

*P.S. We had our 20 week ultrasound too. TBA, aka to be announced new baby, is perfect. And HUGE. There is some freak out about the size issue, but I plan on making sure my new OB is not bothered by that, because I am not. The gender shall remain a secret this time because my sweet Dad REALLY wants to be surprised and this might be the last grandchild. My lips are sealed.


  1. Congratulations on the end of a school year. I know it's been a stressful year. Congratulations on the 20 week ultrasound...secrets and ALL! Sweet thrifted dresses. Adorable pics of the kiddos...I really want Josie to experience berry picking sometime.

    Happy Friday!

  2. I love the straw bunny ears photo, and imagining Sam taking a bite out of all the strawberries made me giggle. Oh well, at least you were already planning on jam!
    I would love the vintage tablecloth--I am writing this in a break from packing. We are moving several states away next week, and I think that tablecloth would look darling in our new dining room! We will have a DINING ROOM, after a year in a studio, then three years in a one bedroom (including 6 months of it with a baby). I am graduating from law school and now we are moving to a house! yay!
    Also, happy birthday!

  3. I love the straw bunny ears! Hopefully summer will be a new chapter for Jack! Oh--Sam--you need to pick me for the tablecloth. . .just saying. . .

  4. Just as long as huge refers to ONLY one baby not TWO! Babies are bigger these days...tho' mine weren't small from 8 lb 8 oz to 9 lb 6 oz. The nine plus pounder is now 6' 5" (and 43)! Please put me in the drawing for the tablecloth and ask Sam to draw my name! Thanks!

  5. Had to enter for that tablecloth as it is fab. 20 weeks? Can't wait to meet the new addition.

    And how cute is Sammi taking bites out of all the strawberries. dang cute!

  6. Congrats on everything! Happy Birthday.

  7. 1. Happy Birthday!
    2. I am so going to scour your Pinterst to see if I can determine the sex of baby TBA! LOL
    3. I'd like to be part of the drawing for the tablecloth. Thanks!
    4. 20 week scan was when I started breathing and feeling normal and less scared-so congrats on that huge milestone.

  8. I always love to see what you've thrifted! One of my favorite things was to take my kids berry picking (even though my baby is 19, I remember it well!) Can't wait wait to find out about that baby!

  9. I wish I had you thrift stores here, I love the vintage clothing you buy and would love to own that tablecloth. The colors are perfect! Happy Birthday!

  10. oh i love that one! so cute. no idea if I need it but i want it : )

  11. Cute, cute photos! So glad all is good with the ultrasound!

    The tablecloth is gorgeous! What a great color!

  12. Happy birthday! The straw bunny ears photo should be entertaining for years to come.

  13. I WANT and NEED that tablecloth!

  14. I NEED this for my new 1853 built home!

  15. 20 weeks already??? Time is flying! I would LOOOVE the table cloth. We don't have a flea market within 100 miles of us and the thrift stores like their stuff too much, $9 for a king flat sheet(really???) and such.


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