Tuesday, May 08, 2012

The toys of Iowa

Oh Iowa. You do bring me good stuff. I bought a lot of old toys. Sammi LOVES old fisher price toys. More often than not she can be seen playing with one of their old pull toys or old push toys.

Now she also has wobbles the dog. (He is rough, but he was a dollar.)
This one is for ME ME ME! It's missing the hammer but it's an old ring the bell toy.
And this one is just for decoration in Sammi's room. No lead paint for the "everything in the baby's mouth" baby.
A pull along tractor.
And the digging dog from Romper Room. Sammi thinks this guy is HILARIOUS because he goes on his own when you pull the string.

But I am still, 2 years later, on the hunt for the Fisher Price Musical Iron. Boo to that.

More junk tomorrow!

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