Monday, June 25, 2012

At least something was lucky

I suppose that since only two of you were brave enough to comment yesterday that the rest of you thought that situation was as sticky as I felt it was in the moment. Ha. (FWIW, she didn't call here yesterday so I assume she doesn't have an issue with it.)

Some time last week I was finishing up the little details in Sammi's new room and I found some paper dolls I bought this winter in the closet. I knew I wanted to use them as art. I happened to have these three vintage frames in my "decorating armoire*" in the basement that I was dying to use.

But I needed more. Looked on Ebay, looked on Etsy - GAH! Really expensive. Looked on Craigslist - no luck. Begged on Facebook - none turned up.

So I gave up and went to the dollar store and bought a bunch of cheap frames to spray paint.

On the way home from the other craigslist disaster we passed a yard sale sign. Say what? At noon on a Sunday? Dave says, "hey, they had a lot of stuff, let's turn around." Sammi really needed to get out of her carseat anyway, so we turned around.
And what did I find while the kids were running around with a very sweet farm cat named Esther? Frames!

Woohooo. 8 of them Enough to finish the job.

They actually had a lot of interesting vintage junk. Bluebird pitchers, and old photographs, a vintage 7 up umbrella, some fabric, old silver plate, etc.

But I was good. I just cleaned out my house after all.

This is the only other thing I could not live without. A sweet vintage crib toy.

*Last summer I cleaned out my basement storage area. I got rid of a lot of stuff then too. I kept one armoire and I keep what I call the decorative extras in there. Frames, mirrors, art, whatever. When I need to go shopping, I go shopping there first. Redoing Sammi's room meant using a big pile of stuff I had set aside down there for her. Yea for buying things with a purpose and then using them for that!


  1. Can't wait to see the paper dolly art when you're done! And I like that you shop your basement. I do the same thing in my attic!
    About the Craigslist Letters Incident. I think I would have done the same thing. She probably left them out there for you when she realized you were still coming. But I would have been terrified for the next few days, looking over my shoulder and jumping out of my skin every time I heard a police siren!

  2. Ooo...I like being brave. Rarely get accused of that! Smiles...Renee

    PS I passed a ton of those frames last week at a sale for a dollar a piece and now I could shoot myself for it. I love those sweet frames. I thought I had enough?

  3. Yay that you found the frames! I saw your FB post looking for them.

    And about the flakey CL lady--I would have done the same thing. You left money, it's not like you stole them, and you had an agreement before you went out there! Now I want to see what you're going to do with them!

  4. I love when it happens like that. Glad you found your frames! We stopped at a "barn sale" yesterday (yes, in the flood, lol). Found a quilt top & some spools I wouldn't have minded having. If they were priced for a yardsale not an antique store. $7 for the spools and $15 for the quilt top. Blah.

  5. I'm just catching up today, so you didn't get my wise counsel (ha!) yesterday - but clearly you did the right thing, or you'd have heard from her. I'd have been a nervous wreck, too, but I think my annoyance at driving back without them would have trumped that, as it did with you.

  6. I found one of those frames minutes after I saw y our FB post looking for them. But, it was in a yard and was teeming with ants. I HATE ANTS. So, it did not come home with me. Glad you found some right in your own 'hood.

    I agree - the letters were in plain sight and she knew you were coming. You could give her a call back to make sure she found the $ if that makes you feel better.


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