Monday, June 04, 2012

Flea market Sundays, on a Monday again

Actually, I didn't buy any of this at the flea market. I keep going to the flea market occasionally and every single time I leave with nothing.

Last Friday, after an entire week of cleaning out junk from the house*, I decided the kids and I needed to get OUT.

So we went to a few yard sales.

And miracle! I bought a few things.
Blurry bad photo, but these are four cute vintage playskool puzzles.
A half a dozen ornaments.
Someone was obviously in the business of making baby books with vintage wallpaper. But just in case you think I am leaking the surprise! of TBA...

There is a boy themed one also.
(inside the books) Now, I have not kept up Sammi's baby book at all. Let's be honest, I use the blog. But I figured if I hadn't even purchased a book for TBA there would be hell to pay 20 years from now. LOL

This is my favorite! In it's original box.Cute, huh? It's going to go with the vintage chalkboards and the other vintage magnetic board I bought in Iowa for that collage wall .

Speaking of pinterest, mine has not worked in almost a week. A serious bummer. Also, I have started looking over my boards before I go out junking. It helps give me an idea of the things I would like to be looking for. D'oh!

* We started emptying the sewing room yesterday. That means shifting of things in nearly every single room in the house. I am taking the opportunity to get rid of MORE stuff. But that's another post.


  1. oh, lucky! i collect eloise wilkin books and don't have hansel and gretel! i remember that one so well growing up!

  2. Sweet puzzles and yes, you better buy that baby a baby book!

    I bought a children's book this weekend called "Quilt Counting" it's an ABC book with Quilts in it. Guess who I thought of???? :)

  3. I bet I would have been better in math if I'd had that Child Guidance set.


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