Sunday, June 24, 2012

Let's play judge and jury - the Craigslist edition

I saw this ad on Craigslist for "marquee letters". I sat on it for a few days and decided after watching junk gypsies a million times on HGTV that I REALLY wanted them.

It was one of those ads with only a phone number to contact them.

So, we called. Left a message. She calls back. We arrange to meet today. She says between 9 and 12 is fine. I call back and leave another message that says "we will be there at 10, if this is a problem, please call me back."

9 am comes and no word, so off we go.

It's a full one hour drive away. We get there and spend 15 minutes knocking and no one ever answers. We stupidly don't have a cell phone so off we go with our crabbing kids in search of a telephone. There is no pay phone anywhere.

Back to the house we go.

I knock aggressively. Front door, back door. No answer. But at the back door I notice the letters I am there to buy sitting in a box on the patio table.

I tell Dave I am just going to take the damn things and leave the money in the mailbox. Her yard is clean, is not like there is any doubt that is what I am there to buy.

Try knocking again. Still no answer. Put the money in the mailbox, put a note (on a Martha paint chip, LOL) under the windshield wiper, take the letters and leave.

When I get home I see that she tried to call a full 40 minutes after we were already on the road, but she didn't leave a message.

I don't know. It's not the type of thing I would normally do.
But honestly, she knew we were coming and I drove a long way.

What would you have done?

This whole thing was seriously ANNOYING.

P.S. If she couldn't be there why not leave a note on the front door? Oh btw, those are in the back, just stick the money in my car or something? She lives WAY out there, so she has to know that people from craigslist are driving to get there.

P.P.S. Part of me thinks she left them there on purpose, but the girl scout in me is still afraid of the po po. LOL


  1. I would have done just what you did and really felt is was justified. She sounds kind of flaky to me.

    BTW love the letters!

  2. Great call...I say you did good. He fault for leaving them out. Reminds me I just found a girl scout hankie. Hm....Smiles..Renee

  3. I would have done that too. I once did something very similar at an abandoned garage sale.
    Took what I wanted and left the money!

  4. I would have done the same thing. In fact, I have. Although, the owners did leave a note saying to just put the $$ under the mat.

    Glad you got them in the end!


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