Thursday, June 07, 2012

Moving my disaster to a more public area

A few weeks ago I started reading a book called Simplicity Parenting.

I don't know about your house, but in our house this is the time of year when STUFF becomes a very big issue. There are constant battles over screen time (turn off the damn tv! No ipod during the week! no wii today!), the constant nagging in response to "I am bored" (Why aren't you playing with all THIS STUFF??), etc.

I was also intrigued by this author's (a former waldorf teacher) thought that a quirky kid + stress = total chaos.

Because Jack is obviously a quirky kid.

Anyway, I started to read this book and really internalize some of his messages about less.* And then I started to clean stuff out around here.


I have been consistently doing a HUGE purge once a year since we left the little house nearly 3 years ago. I decided when we were moving that I really only wanted stuff I loved in this house. But along the way that vision gets a little muddled in kids and infertility battles and life.

So we spent all of last week making a huge garage sale pile in the garage. I went through every drawer, every closet, etc.

And then I tacked the big job - giving up my sewing room to make room for another baby.

I thought I might be sad about that - I have had my own private space since 2002.

But I don't. In fact, I am ever grateful for this big house (the best gift my grandpa could have ever given us) because there is not only room for another baby, but there is room upstairs for me to still have all my stuff!

After much, much, much whittling down my stuff moved in here, what used to be our office area.
And the only sewing room is now nearly empty. I need to put some stuff into our basement office area and then we are ready to paint and turn this into a room for Sammi.
I actually like having my sewing machine in the open. Well, sort of open. This was my grandparents dining room. Because of the little people I had to choose a space I could baby gate off. Otherwise Sammi was particularly fond of going in there and finding every last sharpie on earth.

The real bonus of having it open is accountability. Before I started this move the sewing room was piled 4 feet high with stuff. You could barely fit in the door again. There is no chance in hell I will let that happen within 4 feet of my front door.
I can see my pretty fabrics.
And a whole closet has been condensed to a shelf. I am looking for some closed containers that will fit though. I don't like seeing that mess when you come in our front door.
And this is the massive garage sale pile. It doesn't look so massive here, but it is easily 4 feet tall and taking up half the one car garage.

And the garage sale is on the calendar for next weekend.

Now I need to try and hire a painter. I am too tired and pregnant to climb up and down a ladder if I can avoid it.

* This morning I was making breakfast and came in the living room to find Jack watching some very bloody boxing. Which is totally not okay with me. I am seriously considering how to simplify the screen time issue with him. In that midst of that I am pondering the book's recommendation of NO screens for kids under 6 for the littlest people. I am totally NOT anti-tv or whatever, BUT (and this is a huge but) it is honestly one less thing to argue about, bargain about, discuss, hear about, etc. It just so happens that I have been watching Frontier House on the satellite and last night one of the kids was discussing his experience living *in 1883* and he said "I found my imagination." It was the perfect time for me to hear that as I continue to struggle with Jack. (Who really seems to have lost his imagination when he transitioned to full time school this year.)


  1. I hear you on the imagination. I have found the compromise in building toys and games. But I have to join them if I want them to be interested. Such as Legos. Kits are great but if I turn out a box of miss matched and we build together it is amazing to see what we get. My daughter wants a new room. I asked her to draw it out on paper for me. I do the two choice method. It seems to work better than yelling some times. Granted our house is still not full of halos and rainbows...I adore your beautiful home. Smiles...Renee

  2. We have limited screen time here, although I do loosen up some during the long days of summer.

    No TV during the week during school. Weekends and summertime, she is allowed an hour of PBS or something otherwise approved. She is allowed on the computer, but she has her own profile, with strict settings and an automatic timer to let her know she's had enough. She has a nintendo DS, but again, that gets limited usage. The only thing she gets unlimited playtime with is her ipod and that's because we are all music geeks and we have music on in at least one room of the house at all times. She has her own set up for that, with portable speakers so she often carries her ipod outside to her playhouse with her.

    Unless the weather is bad, she has to be outside a certain portion of the day too. Even then, she's likely to wander out to her playhouse for a long time.

    If I hear the phrase "I'm bored" that is an automatic ticket to cleaning your room, cleaning your bathroom, or Daddy's new favorite response, weeding the garden. That's kinda taken care of that problem.

  3. You really got a lot done! I don't miss the TV battles, although I do miss the summer school break ... my daughter's taking classes and my son is working, so I'm really in a different era than you.


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