Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Quilts and kids

How about some Sammi? I feel like I haven't put her on the blog in forever.
Right now she is in the "book phase", aka read me this book at least 4,000 times mama. And if you won't keep reading I am going to throw this book at you and roll on the floor shrieking. She LOVES cats, so she digs through the books searching for pictures of cats. As soon as a cat is spotted I have to start reading. I am pretty sure she thinks the monkeys in Hand, hand, fingers, thumb are cats because that is THE MOST LOVED book right now.
She also loves to look out the windows at our lawn mower man.I decided it was time to start working on those fine motor skills and brought out a puzzle. She knows which hole it goes in, but only actually gets the piece in about 1 in 40 tries.
And she is a goofball. (I have a similiar photo of Jack at this age. Love.)
Wednesdays are garage sale days here. Since it is going to be at least 10,000 degrees for the next 10 days I hit one garage sale this morning. And I bought another cutter quilt. Even though I just sold 10 of them. Ooof.
The prints are sweet.
This is a favorite block.
The rest of this block is shredded but the novelty print is awesome.

Sammi's new room is done. I am convinced I will get photos of it taken any minute now.



  1. I can never get enough of Sammi or any kid wearing goofy sunglasses, so thanks for the two-fer. Clearly you were low on cutter quilts, so good job replenishing.

  2. She is so cute I think I could handle a few fits a day with all that lovely. You can never pass a quilt its the law! Smiles...Renee

  3. She is the cutest - love the picture with the glasses!

    Are you going to sell the quilt? I'd be interested as I use them to make cards - I don't have a blog but am on Etsy - Lynnlittleshop.

  4. So good to see new pictures of Sammi~Hope you are feeling good...or should I say OK?
    Always fun to visit you! Stay cool!


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