Saturday, June 02, 2012

Send reinforcements?

Oh boy.

I have to tell you that the children are trying to kill me.

Of that I am utterly convinced.

All they do all day long right now is fight and SHRIEK and cry and carry on.

I need some sort of superhero license to drive the car.

And eating?

I am pushed over the eating edge.

I can't remember if I moaned about it here or just on facebook but Sam is RIDICULOUS when I am trying to cook. She clings to my legs SCREAMING AND CRYING AND SCRATCHING her way up my pants. I burn everything. Tonight she climbed on the kitchen table, knocked over a kitchen chair (nearly shattering a nearby cabinet), then proceeded to fall of said table while dragging the tablecloth with her.

Now. You might be thinking SARAH! put her in the damn high chair with a snack while you cook.

Except she WILL NOT SIT in the high chair (or carts). She climbs out in less than 10 seconds and no restraints can keep her in there.

So I tried the playpen.

Well, you can imagine how much she loves that. (I even tried a very special play pen only gadgety toy! Look a blinky thing for use in that prison baby!)

So not only do I spend the entire time I am trying to cook with complete insanity around me, but then I cannot eat either. (And I have to eat. HAVE TO. I still have horrible gagging issues and reflux and blah blah and as a pregnant lady I simply must be able to sit down and consume food. Must.)

Against my better judgment I tried letting her have food in those snack trap thingys so she could just wander around (since she seems hell bent on it anyway). Which is okay. Except 1) it's not enough food, nor a real meal and 2) it COMPLETELY shits up the house making more and more work for me.

And honestly I believe that children should sit and the table and eat. When you are done you may get up and not before.

(I also tried just putting her down but after awhile she gets so hungry she goes nuts. And no, it doesn't change her mind about the high chair.)

By 6 pm I am ready to have a stroke everyday.

What in the bloody hell do I do with this child?

And the first one of you to mention the addition of TBA to the chaos dies.

DIES I tell you.


Please send reinforcements soon. I can hear her shrieking in the yard again as I type this.

P.S. Jackson was not like this. Now, he is a total devil in many other ways. But he did not try to scale tall mountains or run in the street or refuse to sit down and eat! And being an only child he obviously did not SHRIEK every time his sibling tried to look at him or come near his *space*.

P.P.S. Must stop this soon. The very thought of trying to breastfeed a new baby (which I already HATE with a passion) with Samantha scratching and screaming makes me have that stroke again. A double stroke.


  1. Anonymous6:35 PM

    One word. Girls. Welcome to my world. Forget every worry I ever had about trying to raise an independent thinker in this complicated world. I just want this one to learn to CONFORM!!!!!!

  2. I have no advice, only sympathy ...

  3. Oy vey.

    It's okay to not breastfeed, you know this right? Just saying.

    Hang in there.

  4. Stay with us her a mountain out of fabric. You can cry with them.


  5. its hard with a strong willed one. i'm not sure if you addressed this or not in previous post, but at the risk of being considered a horrible person....those little fat thighs could withstand a pop or 2....just saying. i have an 18 month old son that is the same way. he gets a pop or 2. and i have a 3 year old that is the most strong willed little person i have ever met. and honestly i send her wailing to her room as she has to eat or she can get popped.....if she chooses neither, she can go to her room. she eventually comes out - screaming ceased - ready to conform. the 18 month old is learning to sit in his highchair or he gets to walk around the kitchen. crap, there are 8 of us...he has a big sister or 2 willing to hold him. but he is not in charge.
    but again, it's not easy....and i'm expecting #7 in late September...and i understand the dreading of breastfeeding, the long nights with no sleep. and the 3 youngest (boy-5 yrs, girl-3 yrs, boy-18 mths) only allow Mama to do for them. it's a hard knock life...but i wouldnt trade it for the world. thinking of you.
    and again, my comment is stupid....just do whatever it takes to get through. no judgment. it will pass eventually!

  6. Deep breaths, this too shall pass :)

    Crock pot, get one! Make the meals early before she wakes up or when she goes down for a nap.

    Snacking can be enough for a little one, even if she only eats one or two things. Children know their bodies and will eat what they need. Pick your battles.

    How about a mother's helper? School should be out or out soon by you. Find a neighborhood girl to come over for an hour or two in the afternoon to let you do your own thing(sew maybe) or cook dinner. Maybe Sammie will eat for someone besides you. She knows your buttons and is pushing them, so get someone else in there to help you.

    Jack is a big boy, can he help? Can he help entertain her when you are doing meals. Maybe he could feed her. Make it seem like an important job and give him a paycheck for it(ie, quarters in a piggy bank or some kind of treat he likes).

    You are pregnant and have a little one running around the house, the house is not going to be perfect 24/7, don't stress about it.

    Put good words into the universe. If you keep putting out the negative, kids driving you nuts, messy house, losing it, etc., it will keep happening. Count to ten, say my house will get clean, the kids are great, and if dinner isn't perfect life will go on and be fine. You are blessed, it just isn't always easy to see when you are in the midst of it, you know?

    Oh, and please don't take any of this as judgement, because I'm not doing that. Just offering some advice and my perspective from having BTDT. Love you! and it will get better.


  7. Hang in there - this too shall pass.
    In the meantime I'll echo the crock pot idea as well as mother's helper. Toddlers respond beautifully to pre-teens/teens. Just give yourself an hour & a half or so daily.

  8. Norah's the same way. Katrina was much calmer and now at 2+ Norah is still having problems staying at the table for any meal. What sort of worked for us when we were solo-parenting was to have a drawer in the kitchen that she could play with (think tuperware and ribbons and kitchen gadgets), asking her to "cook" in her play kitchen, giving her a small box of raisins to stave off the hunger, and then when we could get our act together, cooking the night before after the girls were in bed so that all we have to do is nuke the next evening. You have my sympathies!

  9. Try one of those chairs that hangs on the table. Don't know what they're called (sorry!) but they attach to the table so she's actually sitting and eating at the table not a high chair. My 2nd daughter preferred that but if your table has too much of an "apron" it might not fit.

  10. Have you seen the Learning Tower? It's been a godsend with Bethany, who would not be put down as an infant, and now likes to be right in the action. It does involve some real attention on my part, because she's very close to the stove, sink, etc., but we've actually had fewer battles over touching the stove since she started using the tower. She loves it, and will actually run and climb into it when she's having a meltdown. I think it's a security thing for her, almost. Here's the site - it's expensive, but was worth it for us:


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