Monday, July 09, 2012

99 wooden beads on the wall

I painted 100 wooden beads this weekend.

It was torture.
But the result is cute, no?
I would link you to the tutorial we used but pinterest is not feeling cooperative today.

I am sure googling DIY CB2 abacus will lead you there if you need to go there.

It wasn't cheap, but since a lot of stuff in TBA's room is reused I splurged.

Also, I am so NOT feeling that dark gray paint in there. I bet the new baby isn't 6 months old before I am in there painting.
Why did I ever paint anything gray?


  1. I love you and the big counting thing I can't spell right now but honey child I think the gray has to go.

  2. I like it but the color grey does look very mature. I can't think of another color that would work better with the beads though. Maybe it will grow on you. Let it bake awhile. The bead colors are fab. Smiles...Renee

  3. The beads are adorable but I cannot imagine that painting project! That gray looks very similar to the color in Carrie's room, and it's really grown on me ... hope it will for you.

  4. Great job on the abicas (sp?). I kind of like the gray.


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