Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Chicago land flea marketing

One of the things I most enjoy when we go to Chicago is the flea. It's huge and it always treats me well.

Since junking has been so bleh here this year I was especially looking forward to it.

But I only got to do about half of it this year. Sam was COMPLETELY refusing to sit in her stroller and ramping up to a huge temper tantrum, I was hot and needing to sit down and Jackson was starting to complain endlessly because he wanted to go to the Lego place.

I am still a little :-( that I didn't get to finish it.

C'est la vie.

A few things I bought that morning here in town before we left first:

I thought this prize ribbon would be fun for Halloween. (HURRY Halloween!)
This one is already pretty.
And this one had an interesting flower in the center.
I am always happy to find a fistful of old millinery flowers.

On to Chicago stuff:

More old books.
I have been stalking these forever on Ebay.
I am going to have to seriously start to think about where on earth I am going to put the dollhouses at this point.
The kids are enjoying this toy. (Jack LOVES harmonicas, even cheesy plastic ones!)
And this was a bit of a gamble. She had two cardboard boxes filled with ornaments. Each box was $20. Now, ordinarily I would stand there and count and make sure there were enough ornaments I was interested in to make the price even out to $1/ornament (which is the going rate around here now). But Sam was having a TOTAL fit. I tried to bargain her down farther, but I could only get her to take $35 for both boxes. Each box was only about half full of stuff I wanted, the other was satin wrapped balls and stuff.

So I took the chance since I knew we were leaving NOW.

It turns out there are exactly 35 ornaments worth keeping.

Not a huge score, but since I never buy ornaments anymore, it was worth it.

I did buy a fair amount of fabric, which deserves it's own post tomorrow!


  1. You really did very well. Love your latest haul.

  2. 1. $1/ornament seems like the going price here, too. I think it's reasonable. 2. I want one of those barns. 3. Can't tell you the last time I saw millinery flowers. 4. Looking forward to the fabric, of course!

  3. Those ribbons are divine!! And I think your price for those lovely ornaments worked out well. I have been to the CT flea a few times this summer but hardly see any Christmas that isn't those hideous blow molds. Poo.

  4. I LOVE those prize ribbons! The cat one is totally perfect for Halloween, and the other two are so pretty. Love the fancy flower on the last one.


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