Friday, July 27, 2012

Every kid's favorite hobby

My house looks like a shoe store every day.
Sam puts on every pair of shoes we own.
Then has a little walk about.
And then claps for herself. LOL

Right now I only put her in Robeez (the same thing I did with Jack), but I am considering buying her a pair of REAL shoes.

I tried once before and she wouldn't put her feet in them. Hmmmmm.

I am also considering a hair cut for her. I want to let it grow, but she still will not leave any sort of barrettes/rubber bands in it and it is always a hot mess.

A hot, messy mullet.



  1. She likes wearing everyone else's shoes, which are big on her feet. Maybe she thinks they need to be big, so take her to try on some that are just a little bit bigger? Leave her in the Robeez for now, but buy her a cheap pair and see if she starts wearing them.
    Just a thought.

  2. I highly recommend Jack and lily shoes. They have the robeez type but them have a type for toddlers with a great flexible sole. They are all Mason has worn and he loves them. Soft and comfortable and come in a ton of adorable styles(even more so for girls) I tried other shoes with him but he would always pick out his j$l ones and still prefers them.

  3. The Bean loved wearing Daddy's shoes and mine too when he was that age. I think the saddest day in his life was the day I told him he could no longer wear my high heels on the new kitchen floor. He was heart broken. That is a story for his wedding! :)

    I think Sammi's mullet is just too cute.

  4. Too funny. My kids are so old I have no idea what shoes you people are talking about.

  5. Well a girls gotta have shoes right! I hated cutting Claire's hair it was like I cut the baby look off her. She just looked so grown up but it does have to happen sometime? Smiles...Renee


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