Sunday, July 08, 2012

I bought something, flea market Sundays

It was over 100 degrees for 10 days straight. My kids act seriously assy in places in like Target, so I was DETERMINED to get to the flea this morning. It meant waking the kids up at 6 am to get out there before we would die in the sun.

I went armed with a list. Because it has been so hot I just sit here and buy things on the internet for the new nursery. Which is swell, but expensive.

I needed flashcards. A big frame for a puzzle. Anything and everything vintage school themed.

And for the love of Mary, a chandelier. Because I tried hanging this up in that room (it's sort of school room-ish right?) and it is like a prison in there. All it needs is a table under the light and we could conduct interrogations in there.
I spied this big pile of old kid's records with AMAZING cover art. Not 45's, probably 78's. A group of older ladies picked one up said "oh that's cute" then put it down. GREAT! I want those. Wait for them to get out of the way. Then the dealer says "$1 each". The ladies pick them all up (there must have been 20) and carry them around for 15 minutes. And still I stand there waiting for them to put them back down. They ended up buying them. Insert sad face here.

Around the corner I spied a box of old kid's 45's. The graphics are not as great as those ones I just lost, but they are cute. And $15 bought me more than 50 of them.

At least with 45's my own kids can listen to them, I wouldn't have had any way to play 78's if that is what the other ones were.
Since we are working on TBA's room we have hung up the chalkboards and whiteboards I have been collecting. Even with 4 of them it wasn't enough. I was moaning about not having bought one I saw at a yard sale yesterday. Then this SUPER cute one showed up this morning.

As soon as I find some flash cards that wall is d-o-n-e.
I also picked up a bag of what the lady called "old nursery beads." Okay, I could sort of buy that theory with this strand. But it is really long. More like garland long.
This one seems more necklace like.
These are really small and I have no clue yet if they are useful to me or not.
And this. Well. Someone clearly made it for a kid to play with. But it came complete with a doll toilet seat. LOLOL

So. Nothing on my list. But we got out of this house. And I bought something. Which is nothing short of miraculous this flea season. (Our flea market is more than half empty this year. The vendors have given up I guess? I have never seen it this bad.)

Now I just need to find the things I need to finish that room. It is taking me FOREVER.


  1. Love that you are going with a vintage school theme. Can't wait to see pics. What kind of flash cards are you looking for? - I can keep my eyes peeled. I agree - thrifting has been rough this year. Here is PA too.

  2. If you decide you can't use the little beads - or any others - let me know. They are great for my little beaded people. Whoops - now you will want to make beaded people.

    I've been wanting a huge cake decorating tip kit for years. Found one this weekend at a yard sale which made me uber happy.

    When is your due date or when do you think you will have the baby???

  3. Well those record graphics are pretty darn cute. I can't imagine what the pile you lost looked like...cuter yet? At least you got out of the house and found some goodies.

    Love the prison light line with interrogations....

  4. I think you did amazingly well. Yes my dear that is an interrogation light fixture? Loving those beads. Heat finally broke here today. Smiles...Renee

  5. Definitely a good score...50 records for $15. You did well. Your room is coming together nicely. Can't wait to see more pics.

  6. What kind of flash cards are you looking for? I have some collecting dust at home.


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