Tuesday, July 24, 2012

My latest obsession

Y'all, it is still so hot here. And dry. Like 110 degrees hot. Every single day.

Everything is burned up. No crops, no grass, dead fish, dying trees, foundations cracking.

We had what looked like a storm coming 2 weeks ago, it got really dark and the wind started to blow like mad. And all we had was a dust storm.

A dust storm in St Louis.

And I am so pregnant.

We just sit in our house day after day after day. Thank goodness for that basement playroom, which at least entertains the children for 2 hours or so.

But still.


And totally unmotivated to do anything like craft.

Since it is just so hot I am very rarely going to the flea market. It's outside and hard to park and uphill and in the blazing sun. I went one morning and spotted this dollhouse.

And fell in love with it.

Then I asked the price.


Whoa nelly.

I left it.

I didn't make it back for another 3 weeks or so. In the meantime I had asked my girlfriend if she happened to see it still there. (She hadn't noticed it*.)

3 weeks later and it was still there.

I figured, hey, I have nothing to lose, offer him what I want to pay.
I really wanted to pay $30, but it seemed insulting.


His reply, "are you going to use it?"

Umm, no, I am going to set $40 on fire.
"Yes. I love it."

It had a bag full of plastic furniture. I didn't want more plastic furniture, so I figured I would just sell it.
Then he says, "I am never buying another dollhouse. I cannot get rid of them. If you don't want the furniture, give it back to me and I will give you some of your money back."

Okey dokey Dude.

Return the furniture, pay what I really wanted to pay and run to the car with my latest obsession.

Except finding really awesome wood furniture for it is HARD!

And I don't know how to figure out scale? The rooms are 7 inches from floor to ceiling on the lower floor.

But isn't she a beauty?

I have spent many hours trolling the internets trying to find another so I can figure out what maker/year/etc it is with no luck. It seems like not a lot of the Masonite/composite dollhouses survived? Everything is tin.

*Even the "regular" vendors aren't bothering to show up every week. Too hot, the pickings are slim so there is little to sell, etc. Bah. Sucky.


  1. It is so flipping hot here and continues day after day after day. Can't even watch the weather because it just keeps saying the same thing. Plants are dying, people are complaining. It is never ending...Step outside it is a convection oven. yuck..on the upside that doll house is fantastic. Smiles...Renee

  2. Oh my goodness, how beautiful is that one?! Is that mint green? Gorgeous! I can tell that it is a Rich Toys dollhouse, but I haven't seen that particular one. You should take a look at the blog "My Vintage Dollhouses" if you haven't yet. So much inspiration there! And you're right about the wooden furniture- it can get expensive, but so much nicer that the plastic stuff!

  3. I seem to recall my grandfather making wooden furniture out of kits for the dollhouse he built for my grandmother when he retired. Maybe an idea? And it would be crafty.
    Was the furniture original or similar to the original? Just wondering. I loved those old dollhouses with the plastic furniture, but some of it hasn't aged very well.

  4. i have a Marx tin dollhouse and am on the lookout for the furniture that originally came with it...i'd rather find it than buy it online since it's more of a display piece. floor to ceiling for the rooms on the bottom floor is about 5 1/2 inches so the plastic Marx furniture might be too small scale

  5. It's so cute! I don't think I've seen a Masonite one. I'm pretty curious about the whole size thing and how to figure it out. On another topic - I honestly don't know how you guys are standing the heat. At all. I don't know how anybody can do anything.

  6. I think the most popular size for dollhouses is in the scale of 1" = 1 foot. So your house has a 7 ft ceiling. Good luck with finding furniture - your dollhouse is absolutely darling!

  7. Forgot to also say it's called 1:12 scale.

    Just looked on ebay for a minute - look at seller item.garden2010 for some cute pink/wood colored furniture!

  8. Squeal. I'm a sucker for dollhouses and I'm obsessed with collecting wood dollhouse furniture lately. I bought a box of wood furniture this spring and I want to complete my house with the rest of the missing pieces. Try searching for strombecker for wood furniture. It was made in the 1930s/40s. You can find more information on strombecker on this site: http://www.mckendry.net/DOLLHOUSES/1930s-part_2.htm (scroll down to strombecker)


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