Monday, August 20, 2012

A gift for Sammi

It's quiet around here without Jack.

But I am enjoying these last few weeks before the new baby to just sit and watch Sammi play. I had so many years to do that with Jack, and I am acutely aware that I will have a lot less of that kind of time with Sam.

I think I haven't mentioned this much on the blog but Sam seems to have a bit of a speech delay. She has excellent receptive language, but her expressive vocabulary is really, really tiny.*

One of the few words she does say is cat and meow. She loves all things kitty. (She also hisses at the cats and knows how to click her tongue to call our cats to her.)

Rachel very kindly made her a sweet kitty and a baby kitty after I spotted them on her pinterest feed.
They are so sweet!

She loves to carry them around and MEOW!
(If you would like a kitty for you little one you can find Rachel at!)

*I am not terribly worried about it yet. She seems to be very focused on motor skills instead.


  1. Our second one was so slow talking. We were afraid of all the delay and then we realized our oldest was doing all the talking for him. Remember, no one in college still wears diapers and talks gibberish unless their drunk! Loving your kitty Sammi. Smiles..Renee

    By the way my daughter didn't talk much either when she was young and now we can't get her to stop.

  2. probably no need to worry about the speech delay (remember one of mine has one) but it doesn't hurt to check! the earlier you get help the better. we had some awesome early intervention resources that i wasn't aware of - amazing! surprised people are kind of afraid to ask for it.

    anyway, jack doesn't get home till 5??!?! that is CRAZY. so not okay in my book.


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